Hi from an American in Germany

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17.11.2009 20:53:14 via Website

Hi all,

I really enjoy this site and thought I would join.

I hope to hear from you all in the near future.



PS. is it ok when I write in English - I could write in in German too ??

Mein Deutsch ist nicht perfect ..

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17.11.2009 21:06:50 via Website


our webmaster is in this moment in america too ;)
I suppose no one will say sth against your englisch....but maybe it would be easier for us to help you when you write german ;)

PS: dein deutsch sieht aber nicht schlecht aus ;)
allerdings heißt es perfekt

But my english isn't perfect too;)


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17.11.2009 21:09:27 via Website

Hi Christopher,

and welcome to Germany and of course to this site. I am fine with English, but you could practise your German here. And thus you could do something to undermine our well-loved prejudice that you Americans and maybe the English too aren't prone to learn a foreign language.
Just the other day I heard one of our intellectuals droning on about the arrogance of Empires. They do not need to learn the language of those they rule, if you know what I mean? :grin:

By the way, a funny coincidence, the bloke who seems to be responsible for the site, is just now painting NY.

Welcome again!

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17.11.2009 21:20:22 via Website

hi chris,

welcome @ the AndroidPIT community.
It seems as we're getting more international.

If I may ask: how did you come upon androidpit.de, despite there are much more big communities in english - don't misunderstand me, it's cool to extend the community in more countries worldwide

17.11.2009 21:46:31 via Website

Actually, I have been a fan of AP for quite sometime. I decided to join because I tend to spend lots of time playing with my Android phone.. I am generally a gadget person and have enjoyed participating in the Android wave over the last year.

Thanks for the nice welcome.

Vielen Dank für die nette Antworten. Ich habe auf jeden fall sehr viel Spass hier bei AP über die letzte Jahr.. Ich freue mich auf die zukunft und werde vesuchen mein Deutsch zu verbessern..

Noch mal , Danke!


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26.02.2010 18:21:22 via Website


Ich versuchs mal in Deutsch: Kannst du mal mehr von deinen Daten in deinem Profil hinterlegen ?

Vielleicht, auch eine kurze Einführung wo du so herkommst, wo du momentan bist, was du beruflich machst, und was dich in die Tiefen von AndroidPit getrieben hat :grin:
Aber nur das was du sagen willst. Hier bei Andropit tummeln sich selten wenige die nicht aus Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz sind.

Und keine Sorge wenn du manches nur in deiner Muttersprache sagen kannst, dürfte hier keine Probleme geben.