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MegaYatzy - Dice now!

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3.0 oder höher
1.000 - 5.000
EUR 1,77

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The award-winning game Yatzy (Yacht, ...) is now available as MegaYatzy for Android.

Play MegaYatzy in the classic or new mode, MegaYatzy or forced mode. It will never get boring. There are up to 12 different playmode-combinations.

It’s the perfect game for a funny evening, a party, ...

Come and lets dice your life!

Our main features are:
> Global Leaderboards (Google Play Games)
> Hard/Easy game mode (In hard mode you can’t unlock fixed dice)
> Classic/New game mode
> MegaYatzy with 4 extra fields (only with 6 dice available)
> Up to 12 game mode combinations
> 5 or 6 Dice
> Play in teams
> Save started games, and continue them as soon as you like
> Previous player names are saved, so you can easy start a new game
> Play against your friends or the computer
> Shake2Dice
> Animations
> Easy and simple User interface
> Complete redesigned UI
> Top 25 scores are saved for each game mode
> Multilanguage (German, English)



- SWARM "MegaYatzy provides a handful of new twists..." http://blog.swarmconnect.com/2012/01/megayatzys-mega-update.html

- MegaYatzy (Yatzy HD) is a great game. I can spend several hours on it. The game has a lot of good graphics.
The game is easy and user friendly. You get the option to select so the game suits your needs.
The best part of it is that Tundem Media Group is listening to you. It's great that there is a response from them if you have a wish.
Well done. (by Gert)


If there is anything wrong, simply write us a mail, and we will fix it as soon, as we can. You can also request new functions or features, anytime you want. (e-mail > help@tundem.com)

Very similar to Yahtc, Yacht and Yahtzee (name owned by Hasbro).

Related games: yams, Generala, yahtz, Cheerio
Yot, 10000, Greed, Hot Dice, Squelch, Zilch, Zonk, Würfel.

Tags: Yatzy HD, Würfelpoker, Fun, Familiy, Play, Dice, Dices, Würfel, Poker, Fun, Super Yatzy, Yacht, Yams, Paschn, Paschen, Yatzi, MegaYatzy, Würfelspiel


MegaYatzy - Dice now!
MegaYatzy - Dice now!
MegaYatzy - Dice now!
MegaYatzy - Dice now!
MegaYatzy - Dice now!
MegaYatzy - Dice now!
MegaYatzy - Dice now!
MegaYatzy - Dice now!



Der heutige Testbericht ist über ein Spiel, das unter den Namen Yatzy, Yahtzee, oder auch Kniffel bekannt ist. Aber egal wie man es nennen (...) » Mehr...


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Neueste Community-Kommentare

  • Kay Kretzschmar, 11.02.2012

    Top Game. Empfehlenswert.

  • Achim H., 19.01.2012

    Problem mit der Lizenz. Startet nicht mehr. Das ist eine Frechheit sowas.

  • The Hansel, 11.12.2011

    Sehr strange Kniffelregeln: full house gibt die summe der Würfel, es gibt "ein paar" und "zwei paare", usw.
    Also ich kenn das anders... So wie bei Kubus - was dazu noch billiger ist und besser ausschaut!

  • Swen Mehnert, 08.12.2011

    Super App,Suchtgefahr ;-)

  • Oldviking, 07.12.2011

    Cut the Rope for ever !

  • PeterShow, 07.12.2011

    nix für mich! Es stört mich z.B. dass man die Spielernamen nicht sieht, während des Spiels sondern nur den eigenen. Erst zum Schluss sieht man wieder alle..

    Das gefällt mir das kostenlose "Dice Me online free" besser..

    Was hat das Spiel mit dem langweiligen "Cut the Rope" zu tun?