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FreeLottery - a free raffle where you can win real money.Money of course, did not come from air. The prize fund is formed of money advertisers.

1.The Prize fund.
1.1 Formation.
The monetary fund is formed of money of advertisers. For each cliques on a banner it is added nearby 0.002 USD.
The program with average popularity (10-20 thousand the active copies) brings in day about 4-6 USD. For a month such program makes profit from 120 to 180 USD.
1.2 Allocation.
In a prize fund 60 % from the general earned sum arrive. The remained 40 % are received by the organizer of a lottery. I.e. at earnings 120-180 USD the prize fund will constitute 72-108 USD. It is a small sum of money, but the participant of a lottery does not pay for participation.
The current prize fund is displayed in the field "Prize fund".
2.Rules of participation in game.
2.1 How to take part.
For taking part in the drawing, just click on the banner.Cliques the participant of a lottery receives one ticket for everyone. The probability of a prize depends on quantity of tickets.
For avoiding накруток and grantings to each participant of equal odds of a victory are considered only first five кликов on a banner a day. I.e. in day the player can receive only five tickets. Days begin at 0:00:01 AM Moscow time.
2.2 As it works.
Each copy of the program receives the unique identifier (further ID). At everyone to a clique on a banner to the server it is transferred ID the participant.
The player receives the ticket only after successful transition to a site of the advertiser. It is necessary to remember that first five are considered only click on a banner.
3. Lottery prize fund
3.1 Conducting the raffle.
Lottery is conducted in the first day of each month (01.MM.YY). Time of carrying out of draw of 0:00:02 AM Moscow time.
The winner is determined in a random way. The winner receives all prize fund.
3.2 Notification of the winner.
The winner receives the notice in the field «Pass». In case of a victory in this field the password will be specified. This code will be used further for prize reception.
The winner can receive a prize in a current of month. In a current of this time in the field «Pass» at the winner the password will be displayed. It will disappear only after reception of a prize or after following next lottery. If the winner in a current of month does not take away the prize the prize will be added to a prize fund of current month. I.e. the following winner will receive a prize for last and current draw of a lottery.
4. Receive a prize.
For reception of a prize the winner should send on email:
”free.l0ttery@gmail.com” the letter . In a letter theme the password should be specified.
After that the organizer of a lottery will contact the winner, and conditions of reception of prize-winning money will be discussed.
Money is paid only through payment systems WebMoney and PayPal.
The prize will be transferred the first who will send the correct password.


What are the guarantees?
Just trust. It is favourable me, that this application was popular. To do this, I am willing to give part of the profits. Even in the case of fraud, the player will not lose their money. Decide for yourself personally, to play or not.

Sometimes the banner is not present?
The application uses a targeting advertising. It is therefore possible that in your area it is not there.

Why not have a website?
The site is, the server is more exact only. At present it is used for registration of tickets and carrying out of draws of a lottery. In the future, on the earned money, the web the developer will be employed.

Forty percent of the organizer of this very much!
Part of this amount is spent on the server. Also, I am taking the costs associated with wire transfers.



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