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Remote RDP Lite (No Ad)

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1.6 oder höher
500.000 - 1.000.000

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The only RDP client which supports FULL PC keyboard and mouse!

Remote RDP can not run multiple RDP sessions for now. Please use our HTML5 version (on Firefox Beta) for that, which also supports RemoteApp and iPad.

World's first Remote Desktop mobile client which supports TLS(SSL) encryption and audio recording(Enterpise version):

Touchpad mode deprecated,use better on-scr mouse instead

1. Support Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Professional, MCE 2005, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista Business or Ultimate, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 Professional, Business or Ultimate, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8 and Windows 2012.
2. World's first NON-MS RDP client which supports TLS(SSL) encryption (RDP over SSL). Enterprise Version only.
3. World's first mobile RDP client which support bidirectional audio. Recording only available in Enterprise Version.
4. Support RDP 7.
5. Support both Admin mode and Application mode.
6. Support session auto-reconnect.
7. Copy/Paste text between local and remote
8. Attach you SD Card to remote computer as a disk, you can download/upload files.
9. Bring sound to your phone.Supports Alaw, Mulaw(ULaw), Adpcm, GSM6.10 etc audio encodings.
10. VOIP level bandwidth usage. 70%-90% less compared with other NON-MS RDP clients (PC or mobile) when playing audio.
Customizable shortcut keys, Export/import you data to SD Card.
11. zoom in /out, zoom buttons like the one in browser
Smart move detecting, flip/fast move for scrolling the screen, normal/slow move(Tap, pause, move) for moving/dragging remote windows.
Smart tap detecting, normal/short tap for left click, long tap for right click.
12. Smart input cursor detecting, show/hide software keyboard automatically.
13. Smart cursor movement (can move mouse cursor more steps when you move scroll ball fast).
14. Mouse wheel support
15. zoom in/out, support pinch zoom
16. 128 bit and TLS (SSL) encryption.
17. Connection manager.
18. Fully international keyboard support, can deliver whatever you can type
19. Small but with much more features, only 143 KB.
20. Optimized for tablet, external mouse and keyboard, support custom resolutions, also support touchpad mode.
21. Free to all software updates and upgrades.
22. Free technical support, will gladly answer all your questions about the application via e-mail
23. World's first RDP client which support touch remoting (Windows 8 and 2012)
24. RemoteFX support
RDP library for Android is also available for OEM and customization.



Remote RDP Lite (No Ad)
Remote RDP Lite (No Ad)

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Neueste Community-Kommentare

  • Lutz P., 06.02.2011

    HTC Desire - kann alle Systeme ansteuern von Server 2003 bis WIN7 Prof. ohne jedes Problem. Auch über eine DynDNS Adresse.

    In die Pro. Version kann man durchaus investieren wenn man mehr als einen Host speichern will. Außerdem stellt die dann die Verbindung auch über SSL her.

  • Michael Eder, 22.11.2010

    all i need

  • Curtis, 22.08.2010

    funktioniert nicht ansatzweiße! Win7 + HTC Desire

    mit App-Remote VNC ad + Proggi-UltraVNC
    hats innerhalb von 30 sekunden ohen probleme funktioniert!

  • Johnny, 01.08.2010

    Hatte zwar ein paar Anfangsschwierigkeiten mit der Dateneingabe, doch jetzt läuft die App prächtig und sehr stabil über W-Lan auf meinem Galaxy S

    Achtung: In dieser Version kann nur eine Connection gespeichert werden. Wer also zwei PCs hat muss, dies immer umstellen.

  • Florian B., 30.11.2009

    Funktioniert wunderbar, gerade im LAN unglaublich schnell.