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OpenPGP for Android. It's open source and its goal is to provide a similar OpenPGP implementation as GnuPG.

* more secure random number
* fix multi-select in recipient list

NOTE: Internet permissions are ONLY used for key server queries. I didn't like the idea of APG requesting those permissions either, but it is open source and the code shows that it doesn't use those permissions for anything else.

* manage secret/public keys (eg. GPG/PGP)
* encrypt/sign/decrypt/verify emails and files
* some integration into GMail accounts on the phone
* integration with K9
* HKP Keyserver support
* basic key creation and editing possible (beta)
* Intent API for other apps

Note: Internet permission is now needed because of the key server support.

Please rate it and suggest features you want.



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Neueste Community-Kommentare

  • Tim Wahrendorff, vor 8 Monaten

    There is a problem with the key-server feature: Newer Devices like the LG Nexus 4 do not have hardware keys. So it is impossible for me to search for public keys on key-servers.
    My friend has an old Samsung GT-S5570, that is able to switch between setting screens with a hardware key , so he is able to search for public keys on key-servers while I am not.

    I would be graceful if you could add a software button to apg so that newer devices without hardware key could also access all settings (especially the search for public key on keyserver feature)

    Nevertheless great work, thank you for building apg. Where can I donate?

  • Sachse007, 18.11.2012

    was heißt für Amateure? Schlüssel können sehr wohl importiert werden. Einfach mal mit der Apple beschäftigen. Tipp: nutzt mal die Tasten vom Handy. Beim LG P990 linke "Taste" siehe da, Schlüssel importieren

  • Fraggle, 18.04.2011

    Solved the problem with importing keys with this method:
    export from thunderbird an delet everthing in the file name except 0x.......asc
    Send this via eMail, saved this in the standard path (root of sdcard). Then try import, change /mnt/sdcard/APG into /mnt/sdcard/filename and then its works fine. Now 5 stars.

  • Fraggle, 18.04.2011

    There seem to be an import bug. It was not possible to open key-files. e.g. the standard path was /mnt/sdcard/APG where I copied the files but apg can´t read them, import results alway in an file error. If this is solved, the two missing stars will be given to.
    Update see new comment, solved import problem, 5 stars