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Strong Box, encrypt all data

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2.3.3 oder höher
100 - 500
USD 6,84

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Encryption software professional.

Strongbox encrypts all your data on your mobile (tablet / phone): Loyalty cards, Credit cards, pin#, pictures, videos, password, voice memo, iban, notes, pdf, excel, word, .... more and more !

Strongbox testing is believing and you will understand why Strongbox is the best encryption software on Android.
All integrated!

√ Easy to use
√ Uses RC5 encryption algorithm with 128-bit PBE
√ 2 types of possible access keys (swipe pad or numeric pad)
√ Allows you to store and encrypt any type of document:
* pictures: Save a picture or take a photo directly from the application.
* Video: Save a video or take a video directly from the application.
* A key / value: Store your internet or your email accounts
* Rib / Iban: Store your credit card information, making it easy transfers
* Note: Store text, an idea or information, contact ...
* Credit card: Memorize your credit card information totally secure.
* Website: Remember login information to web sites and easy access through a link, a notification and the Clipboard
* All files: pdf, doc, excel or any other file. Strong box running the application to view the file automatically
* Encrypt an audio message (voice memo)
√ Copy your confidential information in the notification bar and in the clipboard to facilitate paste into other applications (eg Internet)
√ Reset strong box
√ French and English from the same application
√ Context sensitive help message for an easy start
√ Follow the wizard to configure your Strong Box!
√ Export files
√ Backup and restore database
√ Comment field on all cards
√ Managing favorites
√ Backup reminders
√ Modify / delete a category
√ embedded video player
√ embedded picture viewer(zoom, scroll)
√ current mode most visible (create mode, update mode, display mode)
√ Logs

No information is transmitted over the network (except for your bank account on your request).

Why these permissions on your mobile?
- Read Contacts: To provide you with a recipient to send your bank account
- Send SMS: Send SMS your RIB
- Audio Recording: You can record a message and encrypt audio
- Writing to SD card: Allows you to store your data and backups

For all questions, problems or suggestions thank you to send an email to: support@loumasoft.com


Strong Box, encrypt all data
Strong Box, encrypt all data
Strong Box, encrypt all data
Strong Box, encrypt all data
Strong Box, encrypt all data
Strong Box, encrypt all data
Strong Box, encrypt all data
Strong Box, encrypt all data

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