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No Look Keyboard

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2.2 oder höher
5.000 - 10.000

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Can you type without looking at the screen? No Look Keyboard is a solution.
It's a creative app of a mensan!!
No Look Keyboard break your stereotype and be made for touch screen!
Please read the instruction.
At first you feel difficult, but when you know the instruction, you can type without looking at the screen.

[ Installing and running ]
1) Download and install the No Look Keyboard.
2) In Settings > Language and keyboard, you can check the NoLook Keyboard.
3) Now you can do long touch the text box and click "Input method" and use the NoLook Keyboard.

[ Text Input Way ]
1) The area inside the orange border is the input panel.
2) If you touch and release(click!), the keyboard is changed.(English, Hangul, Custom keyboard, ...)
3) If you touch and rub to one of eight directions, the first character of selected characters set is selected.
4) Without releasing, if you rub to opposite side, the second character of selected characters set is selected. And if you rub to opposite side again, the third is selected.
5) If you touch the repeat key, the last input is repeated.
6) In characters set, the up arrow means the shift key.
7) The down arrow means the enter key.
8) The left arrow means the backspace key.
9) The right arrow means the spacebar key.
10) You can input from recommended word list.

[ Change Keyboard Directions ]
The default is eight directions, but you can change to four directions.

[ Left/Right Keyboard Set ]
You can make keyboard set that you want. The checked keyboard is shown.

[ Custom Keyboard (Important!!) ]
The hidden card of NoLook Keyboard!! You can make keyboard, which has your words.
1) Press the "Add the custom keyboard" button.
2) Input custom keyboard title.
3) Touch one of eight area, input your words, and press OK button.
4) If you finish to input your words, press the save button on the right of the input panel.
5) You can check the custom keyboard that you make on the bottom of the settings activity.
6) Left or right checkbox means that whether to set the left or right keyboard.
7) Now, back to the input mode, and you can choice your custom keyboard by touching the input panel. If you touch the input panel, you can show the key map.


No Look Keyboard
No Look Keyboard
No Look Keyboard
No Look Keyboard
No Look Keyboard
No Look Keyboard
No Look Keyboard
No Look Keyboard


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