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Japanese Mastery Kanji & Vocab

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Japanese Mastery Kanji & Vocab is a flashcard program that allows you to create, manage and save sets of Kanji and vocabulary customized to your learning level. Your customized flashcard sets can be filtered by academic grade (Jouyou Kanji) or by JLPT level (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). This program offers all 2,136 of the Jouyou Kanji with over 10,000 usage examples, and 14,479 of the most commonly used words in the Japanese language. Whether your goal is to pass the JLPT or master the Japanese language, this program is for you.

What are Jouyou Kanji?
Jouyou Kanji are the official list of 2,136 characters taught in Japanese primary and secondary school. The Jouyou mode offered in this program filters kanji and vocabulary for grades 1-6 and advanced characters, which vary by school. Note that the filter considers the characters themselves, and not the vocabulary they may produce. For example, a 1st grade filter will show vocabulary composed of characters taught in 1st grade, but the word may represent a concept learned much later.

What is the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)?
The Japanese Language Proficiency Test measures Japanese reading, listening and comprehension proficiency. There are 5 levels, N1-N5, N1 being the most difficult. While there is no official list of what is required for each level, the kanji and vocabulary that may appear on each level of the exam can be approximated by considering concept, level of abstraction and how often the word/character is used.


Japanese Mastery Kanji & Vocab
Japanese Mastery Kanji & Vocab
Japanese Mastery Kanji & Vocab
Japanese Mastery Kanji & Vocab
Japanese Mastery Kanji & Vocab
Japanese Mastery Kanji & Vocab
Japanese Mastery Kanji & Vocab
Japanese Mastery Kanji & Vocab

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