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Open WiFi Scanner

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Have you ever been walking and searching to find a free WiFi network?
Always looking at your phone to see what networks are available?
The Android built in notification system for WiFi Hotspots giving you no vibration, sound or LED indication and always notifying you even if the open WiFi network is paid and draining the battery by running all the time?

No need to!

With our Open wifi finder and wifi scanner you can just press scan and enjoy your walk.
The app will automatically turn the WiFi on for you, scan and notify you when working and free WiFi Hotspots are found and immediately connect so you can just start surfing right away!

Simple an easy!

✔ Scan for open and free WiFi networks, possibility to filter the paid Hotspots and automatically connect to free networks (defined under settings).
✔ Auto connect once the network is found - you just have to unlock the phone and start surfing, no need to manually connect.
✔ Choose whether to be notified only if there is a free Hotspot available (no cost, no VPN login, web page logins required etc.). If there is a webpage or login required this option will not work, only direct internet (eg: places like Starbucks or airports, to name a few, require confirmation of terms via login page - disable the "internet only" checkbox to find such hotspots as well)!

✔ The app will scan and look for the best signal and the best free WiFi network in range and notify you only if there is a working Internet connection (hence the Internet permission the app asks for - the app connects through the found WiFi network only and doesn't use your data plan!)

✔ Set up the time interval between each scan (preserves the battery if you walk slowly)
✔ Set up a timeout period and whether to turn WiFi off after the scan timeouts (preserves the battery).
✔ Enhanced notification system for - normal notification, sound,vibration, LED (if available on the device).
✔ Once connected you will see the Signal strength and SSID name of the network in your notification bar with direct link to the wifi settings page on your android device (press on the notification message).
✔ 1 Click and easy to use Home Widget for fast scanning.

Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the app.

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Open WiFi Scanner
Open WiFi Scanner
Open WiFi Scanner
Open WiFi Scanner
Open WiFi Scanner
Open WiFi Scanner

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  • Ronald S., vor 11 Monaten

    Wieder deinstalliert nach Nutzung im EU-Ausland. Trotz Anzeige vieler Free-Hotspots kein Einloggen möglich weder in verschlüsselte noch offene Hotspots. Macht mein SP120 selbst besser bei offenen Hotspots (Suche und Verbindung). Zum Test mal VenueSpot installiert, aber noch keine verlässlichen Aussagen möglich.