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Clip Reader

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2.1 oder höher
5.000 - 10.000

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Clip Reader. A tool that takes text in multiple ways and reads it to you.

http://tinyurl.com/clipreader New York Post Article

This application is for the English language only.

-Reads these File types: Microsoft Word,Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Open Office Presentation, Open Office Spreadsheet, Open Office WordProcessor, pdf,text,html,htm

-Reads text on clip board when opened

-Reads from text box provided on main screen

-Reads from a provided web site location

-Reads text at variable speeds

Quick Start
1. How to use it (for new users)?
It is pretty simple. Open this tool if you have text on your clip board it will read it.

2. How to read files?
Click the folder icon on the home page, a list of files that can be read will be displayed.

3. How do I stop the warning announcement when there is no text on the clip board?
Select preferences from the menu and check box the stop warning.

4. How do I stop the reading of text on my clipboard?
Select preferences from the menu and check box the stop clipboard reading.

5. How do I play my text in the text box provided?
Click the Speaker with the play button that is on the screen.

6. How do I play again what is on the clip board?
Make sure there is no text in the text box when the application is open and click the Speaker with the play button.


1. My file that I want to read is not showing?

Please make sure the file is of type .txt,pdf,html,htm and that it is in a directory you have access to.

If you want a specific file type please contact me. I will see what I can do.

2. The web page I typed in has a lot of extra text that is being read?
Unfortunately I can not control developers of websites and how they decide to display there html. I am reading from the html body and removing all css and javascript but many times menus and other display items are in the beginning of the html page :-(


Clip Reader
Clip Reader
Clip Reader
Clip Reader

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