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Cirrus Pilot Log (Key)

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2.1 oder höher
100 - 500
USD 7,41

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Key Unlock app, unlocks all of Cirrus Pilot Log Book's extended functions, including unlimited Crew Pictures, Expense Tracker, Back-up, Restore, and Export Log to Spreadsheet. Please install and try the free verson first.

Quick and easy record creation, keeps you head up.

Cirrus Pilot Log Book's user interface is easy to use, automatically remembers associated data and as a pattern of your flying develops will auto-complete many fields. Crew Picture Capture integrates crew pictures directly into your log and shows a crew icon when a picture is available. Great for airline crew who fly from large bases or the private pilot who wants to keep a record of his passengers. Record Verification advises the user the record is verified or reports common time and data point errors. Many options for flight record filtering.

Cirrus Pilot Log Book operates in a free demo mode and with the purchase of the unlock application, you can access all the extended features, including; Summary View, Expense records, Database Back-Up and Export Log Records to a spreadsheet. See CirrusKey for more details.

Example of Cirrus's field auto-completion logic: To - From text fields auto-complete from a 8,000+ ICAO/IATA database but the field also remembers your last 10 airports, reducing the possibilities immediately. To make things even simpler, if a flight number, To and From combination has been used in a previous record, selecting the flight number from the auto-completion list will, also, fill in the To and From fields. Registration, Tail Number and Type work in a similar manner.


Cirrus Pilot Log (Key)
Cirrus Pilot Log (Key)
Cirrus Pilot Log (Key)
Cirrus Pilot Log (Key)
Cirrus Pilot Log (Key)
Cirrus Pilot Log (Key)
Cirrus Pilot Log (Key)

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