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Forex Trading Asian Market

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The strategy is the way and is the key to profit from the Asian Forex market.
Forex Trading in the Asian Market offers a much formatted information for individual traders in eBook format for Android.

Table of Contents

- Introduction

- Asian options and its history

- Understanding the significance of wealth being swept into Asia and Forex trading?

- How do we trade?

- What currencies should we trade with and for?

- Understanding payouts for Asian call options through Mathematical average

- Risk free Asian options

- Different ways for pricing Asian options

- What are the Monte Carlo method and its role in Asian options?

- Uses of Monte Carlo methods

- What is importance sampling?

- Problems in pricing arithmetic average Asian options using Monte Carlo methods

- Vorst approximation and its role in options

- Asian options and market research

- Restrictions of certain models in Asian options

- Asian options with Forex brokers

- Asian market options and the role of insurance

- Asian options and the global financial market

- Understanding the Forex Trader’s Psychology

- Put your ego in the last when trading in Forex

- What is support and resistance?

- To start a career in Forex trading

- Forex Education

Free to read on Android phone.


Forex Trading Asian Market
Forex Trading Asian Market

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