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Fake-Anruf Pro

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1.5 oder höher
10.000 - 50.000
USD 1,08

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Get out of awkward situations by giving yourself a fake-call. Schedule multiple fake calls to make it like really urgent to get out of whatever situation
* Merry Christmas! The app includes three new Christmas theme in-call voice audio files!
* the app is renamed to FCM Pro once it's installed. Use back button to end call
* Spoof,Prank
* pick contact from phone book as fake caller
* customize ringtone & vibration-alarm clock
* add fake call to call log
* play pre-recorded voice when call is answered
* shortcut for quick fake-calling(the widget has been replaced with a shortcut). You can use guesture on home screen to trigger a fake call if you use home application such as Go Launcher Ex that supports using guesture to invoke a shortcut. See http://blog.mobileappbuilder.com/post/9270653909/howto-initiate-a-fake-call-with-a-swipe-of-finger-on for instruction
* can schedule fake call on a particular time(some users have used it as an alarm)
* If your phone runs Android 2.2 or above: install the app to SD-card if SD-card is available; allow moving the app to SD-card. Note that if while you copy files between SD-card and your computer, the app cannot be run, and your already-scheduled fake-calls will not work.

There's no way for us to respond to your comments on Andorid Market. Please report any problem to support a@t mobileappbuilder.com. If the fake call screens don't look like the real ones, let us know as we want to support as many devices as possible.


Fake-Anruf Pro
Fake-Anruf Pro


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Neueste Community-Kommentare

  • Michael K., 19.07.2010

    Nachtrag: Weil die Kontakte-Suchfunktion nicht unter Desire arbeitet, gibt's auch kein Bild - sehr schlecht und unglaubwürdig.

    Außerdem: Wofür braucht das olle Ding denn eigentlich _2,5MB Speicher_??? Und wofür meine Standortdaten???

    Ich glaube, das fliegt bei mir wieder runter... Phantom Caller ist nur 116k groß (kann aber auch nicht auf die Kontakte zugreifen).

  • Michael K., 15.07.2010

    Kontakte-Suchfunktion arbeitet nicht unter Desire, manuelle Eingabe nötig. Optik des Telefon-Screens weicht auch ziemlich vom Desire ab, aber das kann man ja ignorieren, wenn man's nicht mit Desire-Nutzern zu tun hat...