ImageView StartAnimation slows down the UI extremly

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26.03.2012 09:09:44 via Website

hi all,

i have a big problem. i try to implement a kind of speedometer. i get the informations like RPM... every 10-100ms from the car over bluetooth. now i want to rotate the rpm needle to the right position. i do this every time i get data.


the Animations are all implemented like this:

//rotate Tachonadel
RpmAnim=new RotateAnimation((float)Rpmcurrentdegree, (float)Rpmdegree, ivNadel.getWidth()/2, ivNadel.getHeight()/2);
RpmAnim.setInterpolator(new LinearInterpolator());

the problem is that the startAnimations slow down the reaction time of the ui by about half a second. when i comment the 3 startAnimation out it works fine again. so does anyone know a way how to work around this slow down?

i also tried to start the animation only if there was a change on the degrees but then the ImageView does not hold its new position after the rotateanimation.

plz help

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