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08.06.2012 19:48:36 via Website

  • Originale Bootanimation
  • Originale Bootanimation
  • Erweitertes Powermenü mit Screenshotfunktion
  • Erweiterte Statusbar mit 13toggles (no flashlight)
  • Batterybar
  • ICS und iPhone Sounds
  • Wischen, um Benachrichtigungen zu entfernen
  • ICS Animationen
  • basiert auf dem 2.3.6 xxkqb value pack
  • ad free
  • root
  • busybox
  • deodexed
  • init.d
  • build.prop
  • cm full apn list
  • wifi fix
  • scroll cache fix
  • beats audio
  • i8150 Grafik - Treiber
  • zipaligned apks
  • optimized sqlite
  • system server android 4.0
  • fixed gps for accurate localization
  • bloatware free
  • dsp manager apk (sound equalizer app)
  • kleine Änderungen an der Statusbar
  • gemoddete Kamera (kann auch unter 15 % Akkustand verwendet werden!)
  • crt-off animation
  • und vieeles mehr


1. Ihr solltet immer ein Backup anlegen, bevor ihr etwas installiert
2. Download siehe oben
3. Legt den zip-file auf der sd-Karte ab; startet in recovery und installiert den zip von der sd-Karte; danach folgt den Anweisungen


- minor changes on build.prop and init.d (for better battery drain and stability)
- removed roboto font
- bugfixes
- thunderbolt downgrade
- added roboto font
- added sgs3 ringtones/sounds
- updated thunderbolt script
- optimized build.prop for better battery and scrolling
- removed skyhigh kernel
- added to custom installation type:
- stock kernel xxkqe with init.d & custom bootanimation support and gigatweaks
- added more languages for samsung keyboard (available languages: bg, cs, da, de, el, en, es, et, fi, fr, hr, hu, it, ko, lt, lv, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, sk, sl, sr, sv, tr) -------------------------------------------------
- added sony bravia engine
- updated superuser & no-frills apk
- improved battery icon for the version without batterybar
- removed vitality kernel with exadrenaline
- added to custom installation type:
- feacore phoenix kernel with thunderbolt


- updated sgs2 weather widget
- updated busybox
- replaced wifi binaries with xxkqe binaries
- added to custom installation type:
disable or enable bootsound, go launcher ex v3,
grapic drivers i8150 or i9001, gps config for continents, batterybar


- integrated aroma installer
(custom choices between kernel, launcher, apps, fonts, widgets and tools)
- added to custom installation type:
stock kernel xxxkqb, vitaly kernel v26.23 + exAdrenaline v14 b11,
touchwiz launcher 4, samsung fonts, samsung apps,
google apps, samsung widgets


- language fix for face recognation (de, ro, pt, nl)
- removed htc livewallpaper (lib's made lags)
- init.d optimization:
- disabled logcat
- build.prop optimization:
- removed faster scrolling (made lags)

- fixed gps for accurate and fast localization
- added htc livewallpaper
- added sgs2 digital clock widget
- updated ad free hostfile
- added build.prop tweaks:
- improve general performance
- faster scrolling
- disabled sending usage data
- improve 3g data speeds
- allow purging of assets
- removed all init.d scripts of v0.5.3
- added one file init.d script:
- better battery and ram management
- optimize touchscreen sensitivity
- optimize journaling and dalvik
(note: most tweaks are integrated with skyhigh kernel)


- fixed wifi finally
- added no-frills cpu control app
- removed battery drain app (out of date)
- arabic + rtl reading/writing patch
- added system server from android 4.0
- optimized sqlite
- some init.d scripts:
- ram cleaner
- cache cleaner
- zipaligning and defragging
- better memory and battery management
- optimized system process priority
- improving internet and sd-card speed
- optimized graphic/scrolling performance
- smooth livewallpaper tweak
- disabled logger

- added 2g toggle
- fixed build.prop
- replaced stock wifi binaries with kq1 wifi binaries
- changed font of battery in percent
- zipaligned all apks for better ram usage


- replaced cm7 gallery with stock gallery (there were issues with imagesettings)
- udating apps
- replaced stock animations with ics animations
- replaced stock wallpapers with ics wallpapers
- replaced all stock sounds with a combinaton of ics and iphone sounds
- added ics ringtones
- google dns server
- removed livewallpaper
- replaced supersu with superuser app (only in cwm backup) (because multilanguage support)

base custom rom (siehe oben)

Vielen Dank an texten von XDA für dieses geniale ROM!

Screenshots: (Sorry wegen der Größe)

Nokia 5300 -> Nokia 6131 -> Sony Ericsson W890i -> Samsung GT-3650 Corby -> Orange Boston + Odys Loox -> HTC Wildfire S + Odys Chrono -> Sony Xperia S <3

04.08.2012 18:50:01 via Website

Sorry an alle, ich stell mich grad irgendwie blöd an?!?!?
Ich finde keinen Download zu All In One Rom GINGERBREAD+

Was mach ich falsch?