Samsung Galaxy S4 — LTE LTE/ WCDMA/ GSM Auswahl nicht da

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16.11.2015, 08:28:01 via Website

Also fall jemand nicht extra eine neue Firmware flashen will, sondern zufrieden ist mit seiner 4.3, 4.4,.....
der findet hier eine funktionierende Lösung.
After you have rooted the device completely, go to Google Play and install 'ES file explorer'. Open the app, and press the menu key on the device and you will get a panel to your left on the screen. Scroll down and enable Rootexplorer (you will ask to grant permission by the SuperSU app since you have rooted, so give permission). Now use the search function and find the file with this EXACT name '' and delete it. Please make sure you are deleting this exact file. Don't delete anything else and end up bricking your device. After deleting restart the phone and that's it! You will have the LTE/WCDMA/GSM option in the network mode once you are booted and you will receive 4G signals if you are in an area with LTE coverage.

That about it. Hope all of the people out there with i9505s in hands with this issue can use this guide to fix the problem with no hassle.

Note: I do not take any responsibility if by any chance your device gets bricked, use these methods at your own risk!
Hat bei meinem gerootetem S4 i9505 mit 4.3 Jellybean perfekt funktioniert.


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