[4.3][grouper] STOCK ROOTED 4.3 (JWR66V) [Flashable Zip]

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25.07.2013, 13:07:47 via App

Hey guys, here is a flashable zip for the new Android 4.3 update (grouper only atm).

Still odexed to keep performance optimal
Rooted (Chainfire's special 4.3 SuperSU)
Busybox & Toolbox installed & symlinked
Added some useful tools such as vim, nano, openvpn, cpustats and more
Changed the boring nexus bootanimation to the Google Play edition devices animation

You can download the zip from the following link: http://d-h.st/aih - MD5 : 0e6d8b9f7039f73373680aafe4dd68d1

Wipe /data, /cache & dalvik-cache (wiping /system is recommended, but not mandatory I guess)
Flash the ROM
Reboot & Enjoy

If enough people request it I'll do the same for the 3G model.

So hier eine flashbare und rooted stock Rom mit Android 4.3 :) viel Spaß damit. Das flashen wie gewohnt bei Custom Roms.


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Die Warheit schmeckt gut wenn man den Bauch voller Lügen hat! ~Muhammad Ali~


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