Google Play Private Channel “Restrict Distribution” option missing

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10.06.2013 14:10:13 via Website


I would like to publish our in-house apps using a Google Play Private Channel. I´m using a Test-Account for Google Apps.

Here are the steps I've performed so far:

-Registered for Google Apps for Business verified domain
-Enabled Private Channel "Allow users to access Google Play Private Channel"
-Enabled Private Channel "Allow users to update Google Play Private Channel"
-Registered and paid licence on Developer Console -Prepared an android app for publishing

When I now go in the Google Play Developer Console to the "PRICING AND DISTRIBUTION" section of my application, there is no "Restrict Distribution".

I have tried publishing the app and then looking for the option. No luck. It's been longer than the mentioned 24 hours.

Could you please help me?

Kind regards
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11.06.2013 12:43:24 via Website


ich habe es jetzt hinbekommen die App in den privaten Kanal zu veröffentlichen. Ich kann den privaten Kanal jedoch nur mit dem Account sehen, welcher in Google Apps for Business der Admin-Account ist.

Wie bekomme ich es nun hin, dass weitere Mitarbeiter diesen Channel sehen können?

Viele Grüße