[BRAIN GAME] Orange Constructions - Like to Think? Like to Build? Like a Challenge?

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04.04.2012 17:14:01 via Website

Hello Orange Constructions is my first and hopefully not the last game for Android.
It is a game in the category Brain/Puzzel, a Physics Puzzler.

The game now had a major update, which I hope will please everyone. The game now comes out of BETA stage.

Support Indi developers and make the download, do not forget to rate

Below, a video about the game, take a look, it costs nothing.
There are also a link to the LITE version of the game.

LITE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.invasionsoftware.orangeconstruction

YouTube Trailer:


★ Complex solutions give you more points, think in a Rube Goldberg machine.
★ New SandBox, create YOUR OWN levels.
★ ALL LEVELS may have several solutions.
★ Hard and rubber bars.
★ Engines with paddles.
★ A magic potion that turns our hero into a monster.
★ Catch rings for extra points.
★ Realistic physics game.
★ Original music and sounds.
★ Improved Graphics for TABLETS.
★ Sharing via Email the created levels. (In Full Version)
★ Option to save several solutions per level. (In Full Version)
★ Playback features.
★ Automatic saving of games - You come back to the game where you left.
★ Share your accomplishments with your friends.
★ Simple tutorial.
★ NEW TIP Button, if you need help.

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04.04.2012 17:48:32 via App

Ich war mal so frei:

Hallo, orange Constructions ist mein erstes und hoffentlich nicht letztes Spiel für Android.
Es ist ein Physik-Puzzler.

Das Spiel hatte nun ein größeres Update erhalten, welches hoffentlich allen gefallen wird. Das Beta-Stadium ist beendet.

Unterstützen Sie einen Indi-Entwickler, downloadnt und bewerten Sie die app

LITE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.invasionsoftware.orangeconstruction

YouTube Trailer:


Komplexe Lösungen bringen mehr Punkte - denke wie eine Rube Goldberg Maschine.
★ neuen Sandbox, erstellen Sie Ihre eigenen Level.
★ Alle 63 Level haben mehrere Lösungen.
★ Hard-und Rubber-Bars. [keine ahnung was das sein soll]
★ Motoren mit Paddeln.
★ Ein Zaubertrank, der den Held in ein Monster verwandelt.
★ Fangen Sie Ringe für Extrapunkte.
★ Realistische Spiel-Physik.
★ Original-Musik und Sounds.
★ Verbesserte Grafik für Tablets.
★ Teilen Sie über E-Mail die erstellten Levels. (In der Vollversion)
★ Möglichkeit, mehrere Lösungen pro Ebene zu speichern. (In der Vollversion)
★ Wiedergabe-Funktionen.
★ Automatisches Speichern von Spielen
★ Teilen Sie Ihre Leistungen mit Ihren Freunden.
★ einfaches Tutorial.
★ keine Werbung.
★ NEUER TIPP Button, wenn Sie Hilfe benötigen.

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04.04.2012 18:41:40 via App

Hi John

Your link to the full paid version is not allowed here, just the free one. You should remove it quickly. :wink:

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04.04.2012 19:33:15 via Website

Hans K, thank's for the warning, my bad, just erased the links.
Torsten H, thank you for the translation.

I can see this is a Forum whit great people.:grin:
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09.04.2012 02:25:03 via Website

Hello, I've detected a problem with the update of April 6, some models of mobile phones had some slowdowns, but the situation has been corrected, if any of you experienced delays in the simulations just update, it is solved.

Thank You :)
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13.04.2012 16:28:45 via App


great game. I've just installed it on my GT10.1 running Android 3.1. I haven't seen a game running as fast as yours for a long time. Not even Angry Birds is running so smooth. Its answering fast and the advertising isn't too big.
The help has done a good job for a few times :D
I'd be great if you would publish a HD / HQ version for higher resolution. Some devices will may have a performance problem, but I would just pay for an app that looks really great. When I look to the graphics in a HD videos on youtube, it looks much better than many apps.

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16.04.2012 18:03:29 via Website

Thank's realy great you like it, I could make a version for HD it is a great idea and from now on it's in my plans, but not right now, need to finish other things first(I'm just one men).
And you are right such a version would have performance issues, it's always a balance act in Android, the game runs on 1200 different models.

When i finished the HD version i will Post here.

Thank's for the suggestion.