Komponist- und Tondesigner verfügbar/Composer and sound designer available

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16.02.2011 18:52:47 via Website


I'm an independent composer and sound designer, if you'd like me to make some music or sound effects for an Android app or game, please get in touch.

At Boneyard Audio we can provide audio tailored to suit your needs, whether you require a full orchestral soundtrack or a minimal ambient backing track. We can also create original sound effects, background noise and Foley at flexible, affordable rates. We cater for any system or platform, including mobile phone systems such as iPhone and Android, consoles and PC, and can deliver audio in a format of your choice.

Although we are based in the UK, distance is not a problem as we have worked with clients all over the world, from New Zealand to France. We specialise in mobile phone applications and computer games, but we can create music and sound effects for anything you require, whether it's a film, an online flash game, or anything else.

Our clients include Boolba Labs, DeckEleven Entertainment and Lone Dwarf Games.

Examples of our work can be found at http://www.boneyardaudio.com. For a free, no-obligation personal quote, please contact us now at contact@boneyardaudio.com