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Da bei uns der kommerzielle Android Markt ja noch nicht "eröffnet" ist, ist das sicherlich nur ein Blick auf den anglo-amerikanischen Markt. Trotzdem werden, wenn nicht alle, aber viele dieser Anwendungen auch bei uns bald verfügbar sein, deswegen lohnt der Blick auf diese Liste allemal. Unter anderem gehört ja auch ein Deutsch-Englisches Wörterbuch zu den teuersten Anwendungen im Android-Markt:

1. Geocacher ($15) - Geocaching app chocked full of lots of fun, cool features

2. Pons Compact English Dict ($18.99) - An English-German-English dictionary with > 130,000 entries

3. Collins English Dict ($24.99) - Vast Collins dictionary with > 200,000 English definitions

4. Concise Oxford American ($24.99) - Includes more than 180,000 definitions

5. Mobile Pocket Finder ($24.95) - A personal locator app that lets people find your G1 from any phone or computer at pocketfinder.com. It can also tell you how fast it is traveling and permits you to set zone and speed alerts as well as view history.

6. AcroBible NAS ($25.99) - Offline Bible that’s easy to search, read, and personalize through bookmarks, notes, and highlighting. Synchronization of highlighting and notes possible through iBibleSpace.org

7. AcroBible NIV ($25.99) - NIV version of AcroBible NAS

8. Jazan Wild Carnival of Souls 4 ($99) - Comic book

9. Score Out Caddie

($34.99) - Tells you distances to golf course greens and hazards that can also be used to keep score and track performance at ScoreOut.com It is currently only available for San Francisco Bay Area golf courses and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

10. I Am Richer ($200) - The highest priced Android application to-date that does nothing but let everyone know, via its blue glowing diamond-like image, that you can afford an application that essentially does nothing (see image below).

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