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Demnächst: Android zum Anfassen ...

Ich gebe einfach mal einen Teil des Originaltextes von wieder: "New York based artist Andrew Bell has designed several neat Android figures as a secret project. Since February 1. the project is not secret anymore. Production of the first series will start in a few days. Head over to Dyzplastic to claim your figure or rather box of figures. The figures will come in 12 different flavours in blind boxes, that means, you will not know which figure you get. To bring in even more excitement, there will be some very rare figures that collectors will WANT to have."

Weiter: "The figures can rotate their head and arms and seem to be very friendly. There is no information on prices and availability yet. If any new information comes, I'll keep you posted. "

"I could imagine to put some identification tags in/on the figures to provide additional fun. For example you could track your collection with your Android device, or you could let the figure sneak into your phone as a background image. Anyways that is a great idea, BobbleHead will be so happy..."




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