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LAG Solution

Anzahl Mitarbeiter:
Sao Paulo


Our team is formatted by three Software Engineers, each one has more than ten years of experience with Software Development, especially of tools for handsets, desktops and websites.

Apps von LAG Solution

  • ACall Confirm

    ACall Confirm is a simple and free application to avoid undesired Calls. It shows to user a confirmation screen before each call. Main Features Intuitive and user friendly interface (...)

    • Google Play: (92)
    • AndroidPIT-User: 0 👍  0 👎
    • Preis: KOSTENLOS
  • Blacklist ABlacklist

    The Android BlackList (ABlacklist) is a Blacklist, Call Blocker/Call Filter and SMS interceptor for Android based systems. It allows you to make a contact list which incoming calls and (...)

    • Google Play: (845)
    • AndroidPIT-User: 0 👍  0 👎
    • Preis: KOSTENLOS