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GPS Coordinate Picker GPS Coordinate Picker
2.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
It is easy to use this simple app for tracking your exact GPS Coordinate, *Collect the GPS coordinate * Simple and easy to use *100% accuracy
True Cheats Clash and Clans True Cheats Clash and Clans
1.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
True Cheats Clash and Clans is a multi-functional app to help players play and rank better on game. __________________________________ Features of True Cheats Clash and (...)
testVK2 testVK2
6.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
test only IGNORE this PLEASE! testing for large screen only.
Essential Memo Essential Memo
2.3.5 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
2.173 Bewertungen
This note app helps you make a note of memos you need in daily life easily. The kinds of memo available are following: 1. Account List - If you enter your account numbers, you can (...)
Quarking Password Manager Quarking Password Manager
BCN Quark
3.1.2 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
Quarking Password Manager® is a secure and easy-to-use password manager for Android and Chrome web browser. Don't use the same password for every website. Start keeping (...)
Cumhurbaşkanım RTE Cumhurbaşkanım RTE
1.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sosyal medya resim paylasim uygulamasıdır. Ticari değildir. Destek amaçlı oluşturulmuştur. Uygulamanın fotoğrafları www.rte.com.tr adresinden alınmıştır.
Days Since Days Since
Paul Vezzetti
5.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
65 Bewertungen
Always forgetting to clean the fish tank? Need a little nudge to get to the gym? This application provides a simple interface to remember all of your repeating periodic activities. Let's say (...)
Software Leankeep Software Leankeep
Seccional Informática Ltda kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
21 Bewertungen
O Software Leankeep é uma ótima solução no planejamento e gerenciamento da manutenção predial. Ele facilita o controle de manutenção preventiva, corretiva e preditiva de (...)
Fest- und Feiertage Fest- und Feiertage
Florian Schleiderl
1.2 kostenlos 1 ×
0 Bewertungen
7 Bewertungen
Die Fest- und Feiertage App berechnet für das ausgewählte Jahr die gesetzlichen Feiertage für Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz und zusätzlich auch noch weitere Feier- und (...)
倚泉 倚泉
4.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
LifeBima - LIC Ready Reckoner LifeBima - LIC Ready Reckoner
Dev IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
1.37 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
466 Bewertungen
LifeBima application takes away the hassles of managing paperwork while explaining and understanding Insurance Policies. The application makes it easy and simple for Insurance (...)
PaperScan PaperScan
DocuWare GmbH
1.3 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
20 Bewertungen
Scanne Deine Rechnungen, Belege, Kochrezepte und alle anderen Papierseiten mit PaperScan. Lade sie dann zu Dropbox, GoogleDrive hoch und teile sie mit Anderen. Mit (...)
Zooper Wear - Square Wearables Zooper Wear - Square Wearables
2.1.2 EUR 0,73
1 ×
0 Bewertungen
8 Bewertungen
*****THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE APP***** "Zooper Wear - Square Wear Edition" is a set of 4X3 Widgets for Zooper designed to expand upon the basic look of current (...)
POP 2.0 - Prototyping on Paper POP 2.0 - Prototyping on Paper
2.0.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
117 Bewertungen
Have an app idea? Draw it on paper and use POP to make it come to life on your Android device! 1. Draw your app screens on paper. 2. Take pictures and link them together. 3. Play (...)
Safe In MP Safe In MP
Aurionpro Solutions Inc.
1.0.3 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
SafeInMP app is a SOS application for sending SMS to contacts in case of emergency. Application can be configured for sending SOS sms to upto 3 recipients. Other configuration (...)
Nimbus Note Nimbus Note
FVD Media Limited
1.4.2 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
112 Bewertungen
*Special for Springpad users* - You can import notes from Springpad with Nimbus Note for Windows - http://nimbus.everhelper.me/nimbus-note-w
Draw and Message Draw and Message
6.6 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
4 Bewertungen
"Draw and Message" is an application used to take signatures on your Android device screen and email it instantly. This application has a simple way to convert the signature into an (...)
La Zona Taxi App Taxista La Zona Taxi App Taxista
2.7.2 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
6 Bewertungen
La Zona Taxi - APLICACIÓN TAXISTA ¡Recibe pedidos de viaje directamente en tu celular! Es seguro y muy sencillo de usar. Descarga la aplicación y comienza a disfrutar de todos (...)
Taxi Rider Aplicación Usuario Taxi Rider Aplicación Usuario
2.7.3 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
5 Bewertungen
¡Con Taxi Rider puedes pedir un taxi sencillamente desde tu Android! Pida el taxi más cerca de usted con solo 2 clicks. ¿Cómo funciona Taxi Rider? 1. Taxi Rider localiza tu posición (...)
Auto Reboot (Root only) Auto Reboot (Root only)
Asim Pereira
1.0.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
308 Bewertungen
*Automatically reboot your device every day!* If you are like me, then you would have many apps on your device. Most of these apps continue to run in the background even if you stop (...)
Hercules Cheats Unofficial Hercules Cheats Unofficial
1.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
Hercules Cheats Unofficial is a complex app to feel better game experience and to discover new game methods to play. __________________________________ Features of (...)
VepPort VepPort
2.2 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
VepPort Vep Ajans saha bilgi toplama uygulaması. Dikkat uygulama özel şifre ile çalışır, dışarıya açık değildir. Vep Ajans olarak her zaman söylediğimiz gibi sizden birisi olarak, birlikte (...)
CNA Bari CNA Bari
2014.07.25 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
CNA Bari Description L’APP è dedicata agli associati della CNA affinchè abbiano un mezzo di consultazione di facile uso e sempre disponibile per la ricerca di varie unità produttive e (...)
March Networks Corporation
kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
12 Bewertungen
The March Networks GURU Smartphone application delivers the insight and knowledge you need by providing advanced diagnostic information and tools. Instantly you’ll have the (...)
My Sensors Ad My Sensors Ad
11.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
8 Bewertungen
For those Android smart-phones that have various sensors built-in, this app attempt to access and retrieve values for display. Three common sensors are shown. Light, Temperature, (...)
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