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NoteLi NoteLi
1.0.2 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
70 Bewertungen
*NoteLi cope with English. This is very simple note apps. It is yet possible only to store a memo. *if you find bugs,please comment here. I do fix bugs.
Library Library
Christian Gogolin
3.3 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
9 Bewertungen
Library allows you to browse your BibTeX files on your Android device. Features include: * Clear presentation of BibTeX entries in a list * Search/Filter * Open associated local files (...)
Refocused Code Sales
2.1.1 USD 7,68
4 ×
0 Bewertungen
147 Bewertungen
GOALS ToDo Full 2.1 GOALS ToDo is the ultimate personal task manager, featuring a to-do list, Getting Things Done (GTD) support and lots of fresh ideas. Seamlessly integrates with (...)
One Click Dictionary One Click Dictionary
Pavel Kursov
1.4.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
11 Bewertungen
On-line dictionary that translates selected words by minimum interactions with device. No need to switch between browser or book reader and dictionary, just tap to copy word to (...)
Badgin Teilnahme Tracker Badgin Teilnahme Tracker
Victor Kaiser-Pendergrast
2.63 kostenlos 1 ×
0 Bewertungen
31 Bewertungen
Mit BadgIn, ist es einfach für die Mitglieder der Check-in und Check-out der Sitzungen: alles was man braucht ist ein Tippen auf den Bildschirm oder ein Hahn von einem NFC (...)
Visual Tally Counter Visual Tally Counter
Maciej Matuszak
1.3.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
9 Bewertungen
Visual Tally is a counter of "things". It allows you to count objects based on their appearance. It was originally designed for pollen researchers who spend a lot of time looking down the (...)
To Do Log To Do Log
USD 3,86
0 ×
0 Bewertungen
91 Bewertungen
To Do Log was featured (globally) by Android Market in September/October 2011 and was top featured productivity App. ✔ To Do Log To Do log is a to-do list and "not to-do list" in (...)
신분증 스캐너 무료,원조,판매왕 신분증 스캐너 무료,원조,판매왕
1.31 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
52 Bewertungen
!!!!!!!!!!!원조 신분증 스캐너, 검증된 스캐너!!!!!!!!!!! [알림] 신분증 스캔해서 보낼 일 많으시죠? 주변에 스캐너가 없을 때 핸드폰 카메라로 찍으면... PC에 복사하고...줄이고...기울기 조절하고...테두리 없애고...으아아아아... 매번 이런 (...)
IsoDroid Auslagenberechnung IsoDroid Auslagenberechnung
1.0.5 kostenlos 16 ×
1 Bewertung
24 Bewertungen
Die IsoDroid Solo: Auslagenberechnung Applikation ist eine Anwendung zur Ermittlung von Auslagen (Auslagen sind die Werte an einem Bogen die von der zu schneidenden (...)
MemoGenius 1.2.2 MemoGenius 1.2.2
Charles Tatum II
1.2.2 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
8 Bewertungen
Got a lot on your mind? Jot it down in MemoGenius, the easy, simple-to-use memo manager for Android. Think of it as a Notepad app for your phone. Save shopping lists, titles, song (...)
App Drop Box App Drop Box
1.0 kostenlos 1 ×
0 Bewertungen
11 Bewertungen
Have an app idea for your Android device and cant find exactly what you want? Use the App Drop Box to send ideas of what you would like to see. Keywords: App, Android, Idea, (...)
Memory Archivio Personale Free Memory Archivio Personale Free
v1.42 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
6 Bewertungen
Se vi è capitato di ritirare oggetti o documenti anche importanti e e non ricordare il luogo in cui sono stati riposti Memory Archivio Personale vi aiuterà a ricordare "senza stress". (...)
Real Pixels - Dropbox Images Real Pixels - Dropbox Images
1.0.4 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
55 Bewertungen
Real Pixels is a Dropbox image browser that allows you to review your images (icons, photos, interface design) in actual size on any Android device. With Real Pixels, you can easily (...)
Xambox Xambox
Xamance SAS
1.3.2 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
24 Bewertungen
LE GENIE DE VOTRE PAPERASSE ✓ Avec cette nouvelle application, ajoutez une nouvelle dimension au génie de votre paperasse ! ✓ Rassemblez et classez tous vos documents (...)
Quick Proto Quick Proto
Dave O'Brien
2.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
61 Bewertungen
This free sketching app lets you do quick-and-dirty prototyping to test (and communicate) user-interface ideas. - Sketch a series of screens using your finger or a stylus. - Link them (...)
Smart Screen Locker Smart Screen Locker
RibboN Dinh
2.2 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
13 Bewertungen
You can play with your screen with smarter way. --- Lock screen by widget, proximity sensor, accelerometer sensor. --- Wake up screen by proximity sensor, accelerometer sensor. --- (...)
The old one Clock Widget The old one Clock Widget
Piotr Potulski
1.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
4 Bewertungen
This is an analog clock widget theme. This is the Widgetmania Skin, a creative extension for the free Widgetmania widget manager. Follow on-screen instructions to download the (...)
ČEZ, a. s.
1.0.5 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
178 Bewertungen
Dodávky elektřiny a plynu a mobilní služby od Skupiny ČEZ teď můžete jednoduše a bezpečně ovládat i přes svůj chytrý telefon. Stačí si stáhnout mobilní aplikaci ČEZ-ONLINE (bez (...)
Work Schedule Work Schedule
Humberto Fraga
kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
16 Bewertungen
Work Schedule allows you to control your work journey. You can register your work periods, and the app sets alarms to the right times. When you register an entrance or an exit, the (...)
Magnetometer Magnetometer
U&U Software
2.0 kostenlos 1 ×
0 Bewertungen
23 Bewertungen
This application measure magnetic field accurately. Download and open Magnetometer app. Application measures automatically magnetic field. Unit of the measuring is Micro Tesla (...)
Ohio Taxes Ohio Taxes
Ohio Department of Taxation
1.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
30 Bewertungen
Check the Refund Status of your Ohio and School District Individual Income Tax Refund(s) Use this app to obtain information regarding the refund status of your Ohio and school (...)
Brain Break Brain Break
Michael Skrychevsky
1.2.3 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
53 Bewertungen
This app was designed to help you be more productive and time-efficient at whatever you do. When you are spending time near computer your sight and body get tired. When you are (...)
Proportion Calculator Proportion Calculator
Jakub Takáč
1.1.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
37 Bewertungen
Ever needed to compute something with simple proportion but it was hard without any help? Now you have an opportunity to carry on the sollution always in your pocket with best (...)
Attendance Roll Call Attendance Roll Call
Nueva Caceres Technology Solutions, Inc.
1.1.4 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
46 Bewertungen
Roll Call is a mobile application for checking attendance and similar purposes. Powered by Google Drive, it uses Google spreadsheet as data source and as cloud backup, thus, a (...)
MyPlace VINScan MyPlace VINScan
Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance
1.2 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
25 Bewertungen
*** Requires ACTIVATION CODE after download to operate *** The MyPlace VIN Scanner App lets MyPlaceForParts users scan their customers VINs (vehicle identification numbers) (...)
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