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App4Mobile kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
28 Bewertungen
Test out your app right on your mobile device before publishing to the app marketplaces. With this review tool, you can experience the app’s look, feel, and functionality to make sure (...)
Fibre2fashion- B2B Marketplace Fibre2fashion- B2B Marketplace
Sanblue Enterprises Pvt. Ltd
1.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
39 Bewertungen is the world’s no.1 B2B Marketplace for Garment- Textile – Fashion & Retail and extensively covers news, buying/selling requirements, incisive analysis, industry (...)
Earn every 30 minutes Earn every 30 minutes
0.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
10 Bewertungen
ake a look at this! I have found an amazing program I think you will love. Great way to make money online while getting website traffic. Get Paid every 30 minutes Its super easy to (...)
1.0.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
40 Bewertungen
The BBA, along with ITN Productions, is providing a brand new app for this year’s conference. It allows you to view exclusive video content about the banking and finance industry using (...)
NOESIS Pixel Art Pvt. Ltd.
1.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
30 Bewertungen
Offical APP From IFSC.INFO Now Find IFSC Code of Any bank across India. With IFSC Code Finder. Now on Tablets Find Bank IFSC Code helps you to find IFSC Codes for all (...)
Encirca View Encirca View
Dupont Pioneer®
1.1.8 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
24 Bewertungen
Keep your fields at your fingertips and capture important information with this GPS powered field documentation tool. Encirca View pinpoints your field location via satellite imagery so (...)
PI Databook PI Databook
Power Integrations, Inc.
2.0.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
32 Bewertungen
The PI Databook contains Power Integrations' complete technical document portfolio, as well as video tutorials and product demonstrations. You can use the PI Databook to search for (...)
Minipos Minipos
JSC Kazkommertsbank
3.0.2 kostenlos 1 ×
0 Bewertungen
35 Bewertungen
Minipos is a free mobile application used to accept payments with mobile terminal featured by Kazkommertsbank. KAZKOM's Minipos mobile terminal accepts payments with Visa (...)
WF-Mag Mobile 2 Android WF-Mag Mobile 2 Android
Asseco BS kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
34 Bewertungen
System Mobilna firma WF-Mag Mobile 2 to rozwiązanie przeznaczone dla przedsiębiorstw posiadających przedstawicieli handlowych w terenie. Doskonale sprawdza się również w (...)
Compliments in any language Compliments in any language
0.1.3 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
22 Bewertungen
Amuse your friends with a compliment in Russian, surprise your spouse with loving words in Italian, or praise the chef in French when visiting Paris. Choose compliments according to (...)
GDE Principal Reporting GDE Principal Reporting
3.13.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
4 Bewertungen
GDE Principal Reporting by Mezzanine
VEGA Tools VEGA Tools
VEGA Grieshaber KG
3.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
26 Bewertungen
Mit dieser App können Sie über die Eingabe der Seriennummer alle relevanten Informationen zu Ihrem VEGA-Messgerät abrufen. Optional erhalten Sie diese Informationen für Ihr (...)
Vivo Gestão de Frotas Vivo Gestão de Frotas
1.0.5 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
20 Bewertungen
Aplicativo de acesso as principais funcionalidades do Vivo Gestão de Frotas. Serviço em caráter experimental.
Wise Tracker Wise Tracker
3.0.2 kostenlos 1 ×
0 Bewertungen
8 Bewertungen
Tracks sales force during work hours, check in and out from scheduled places and customer visits.
FotoZap FotoZap
Picture Marketing, Inc.
2.0.18 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
15 Bewertungen
Capture photos of your customers and event guests and instantly deliver the photo as a branded gift. Create social word-of-mouth marketing and collect leads for your brand. You or (...)
Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme
7 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
94 Bewertungen
هذا التطبيق خاص ببرنامج الشيخ زايد للاسكان و الهدف هو تشجيع عملائنا على الحصول افضل المعلومات و الخدمات. وأن هذا التطبيق سيكون في حالة تطوير و زيادة مستمرة حيث سيتم إضافة خدمات (...)
Hot Pulsa Mobile Hot Pulsa Mobile
medirasoft studio
2.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
28 Bewertungen
Hotpulsa adalah salah satu dari sekian banyak dealer pulsa multi operator yang berkontribusi menjual pulsa elektrik semua provider. Mungkin kami bukan dealer yang telah lama (...)
Paragon Acura DealerApp Paragon Acura DealerApp
DealerApp Vantage
3.0.29 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
8 Bewertungen
At Paragon Acura, we believe our success is due to how we treat out guests; Paragon is a quality oriented, full service automotive dealership. We are "The #1 Certified Acura Dealer in (...) Free Classifieds Free Classifieds
1.1.6 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
90 Bewertungen is a classified website for the Indian market. Now right from's mobile app you can search and post classifieds in various categories - real estate, old electronic goods, old (...)
SAP Financial Fact Sheet SAP Financial Fact Sheet
2.1.7 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
12 Bewertungen
Mit der Mobile-App SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet für Android können Vertriebsmitarbeiter oder Vertriebsbeauftragte jederzeit und von überall aus die finanzielle Situation ihrer (...)
VinaPhone BSS VinaPhone BSS
1.5 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
42 Bewertungen
Hệ thống phát triển sản xuất kinh doanh dịch vụ VinaPhone. Dịch vụ: - Đăng ký thông tin thuê bao trả trước Update v1.2 - Cập nhật quản lý truy cập hệ thống - Thông báo trong quá (...)
Silver Cost Silver Cost
9.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
18 Bewertungen
What is the silver rate now? Use our silver chart application to find silver cost and trade silver. If you are unfamiliar with the silver cost, we offer the most simple way to learn about it. (...)
Agile Poker Agile Poker
|| Gaurav Arora ||
1.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
43 Bewertungen
Welcome to Agile Planning Poker. Agile Planning Poker is a useful powerful tool that'd be helpful while doing your Agile Project Planning and Estimation. This is a very handy tool for (...)
TowerCo On-the-Go TowerCo On-the-Go
kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
16 Bewertungen
Conduct easy and detailed tower searches with this fast and powerful app. See specific tower details such as height, highest available Rad, fiber access, zoning/permitting jurisdiction (...)
ADImin for Driving Instructors ADImin for Driving Instructors
3.22 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
16 Bewertungen
ADImin Student manager for Driving Instructors allows Driver trainers and instructors to manage student contact details, monitor their progress against a syllabus, monitor test results (...)
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