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Copia Commissione Elettronico Copia Commissione Elettronico
Michael Bolandrini
1.1.8 USD 13,69
0 ×
0 Bewertungen
2 Bewertungen
Una versione moderna del noto "copia commissione" cartaceo. Un modo pratico, semplice e veloce per gestire gli ordini e inviarli via e-mail. Funzionalità: - Importazione clienti da file (...)
Qton FSM Qton FSM
Qton Solutions
1.0.26 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
1 Bewertung
Qton FSM is a complete field service management solution for the utilities sector. For more information please visit www.fieldservicemanager.co.uk
NXP Quick-Jack NXP Quick-Jack
NXP Semiconductors
1.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
The NXP Quick-Jack app enables communication from your smartphone to the NXP LPC800 Quick-Jack board. The NXP Quick-Jack solution repurposes the standard 3.5 mm stereo (...)
PayFox PayFox
6.6.3 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
36 Bewertungen
PayFox is an Android credit card processing app. Download this app once you've received your setup activation code for your Transaction Express credit card processing account. For a (...)
新潮留 新潮留
1.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
Транспорт Контроль GPS/ГЛОНАСС Транспорт Контроль GPS/ГЛОНАСС
Веб-Мастерская Феникс
3.2 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
5 Bewertungen
ТРАНСПОРТ КОНТРОЛЬ GPS/ГЛОНАСС позволяет водителю всегда видеть на карте местоположение своего автомобиля, скорость его движения. Система поможет (...)
仕事探す!ハローワーク編 仕事探す!ハローワーク編
1.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
仕事を探すため役に立つアプリです。まずはハローワーク編(hellowork.go.jp)です。 ■主な機能 ・スマホ用にデザインされ、PC版より使いやすい、見やすい。 (...)
Chief Optimist Magazine Chief Optimist Magazine
Roberts Communications - Interactive
4.5.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
Chief Optimist is the digital version of a limited-edition magazine exclusively for senior decision-makers at large enterprises. Created by Xerox with select content from Forbes, this (...)
Net Eye GTV Net Eye GTV
Safe 500
5.5.1 kostenlos 4 ×
0 Bewertungen
252 Bewertungen
Same as "Net Eye Camera" but without the "native" code so it'll run on odd devices that don't support native code, like Logitech Revue Google TV. Because it does not have native (...)
СТО Авто-Лошица СТО Авто-Лошица
iKantam LLC
1.2.2 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
Обслуживаем немецкие авто (BMW, Mercedes Benz, Opel, VW) производства 2000г. и новее.
Marketing & Trade Novedades Marketing & Trade Novedades
2.4 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
2 Bewertungen
Modulo para alta de novedades y seguimiento de recursos. Modulo de seguimiento de stock y precios
Pedidos força de vendas Pedidos força de vendas
5.0 kostenlos 1 ×
0 Bewertungen
129 Bewertungen
ConfirmAki PRO: sua lista VIP ConfirmAki PRO: sua lista VIP
HTS Informática
1.5 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
1 Bewertung
Uma lista de convidados VIP para sua festa, comemoração ou evento empresarial. O necessário para a confirmação de presença em eventos. Com este aplicativo (versão PRO), (...)
ebuero ebuero
ebuero AG
4.0.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
36 Bewertungen
Die ebuero App ermöglicht Ihnen die einfache Steuerung Ihres virtuellen ebueros oder Anwaltssekretariats von unterwegs. Hinterlegen Sie Anweisungen für Ihr Sekretariat schnell und (...)
らくらく勤怠 らくらく勤怠
きとまふ そふと
1.0.9 USD 2,11
0 ×
0 Bewertungen
1 Bewertung
らくらく勤怠は、見た目も操作も判り易く、出退勤時刻や残業時間を管理できる勤怠アプリです。 勤怠管理表は「通常の勤怠表」と「カレンダー風の勤怠表」の2種類の表示を行うことができます。 1.勤怠表 (...)
3 For Business Club 3 For Business Club
1.0.2 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
42 Bewertungen
Direttamente dal tuo cellulare Android, entra nel mondo 3 for Business Club, il programma fedeltà che 3 dedica ai suoi Clienti Business. Scarica l’app, iscriviti e inizia subito ad (...)
Planon Planon
Planon International B.V. kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
9 Bewertungen
Your ultimate office assistant that allows you to search a colleague, book a meeting room, claim a free work place or report any type of incident fast and easy. Planon App is a unique (...)
Listbingo Classifieds Listbingo Classifieds
1.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
Listbingo Classifieds is the most powerful Joomla classified web application ever. It has been downloaded for more than 30,000 times. Listbingo Classifieds team has developed (...)
Hunite Pro Hunite Pro
7.705.900.000 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
12 Bewertungen
Know what matters now at work! Hunite is a beautiful mobile experience for aviation, retail, hospitality, and health services employees. Note: To enable this application your employer (...)
Flowdock Flowdock
2.1.2 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
275 Bewertungen
The Official Android App Of Flowdock Flowdock is your team inbox with chat. It replaces Skype, IM or IRC chat in your team's workflow and frees your mailbox from automated emails. (...)
Aslan Cold Storage Aslan Cold Storage
MC Solutions
1.0.0 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
With over 30 years of experience in the Agricultural Industry, Aslan Cold Storage understands the needs of both crops and clients. Let us design a storage and transportation program (...)
Job Estimate and Repair Order Job Estimate and Repair Order
1.0.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
4 Bewertungen
This is a must-have app for every contractor, HVAC repair, plumbing, property management, IT service, electrical, repairman and any other service oriented trade to save you time and (...)
Godtbergsen SmartSeller Godtbergsen SmartSeller
CenterData Developers
0.0.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
Authentic Models Som agenturholder for Authentic Models i Danmark, Norge og Sverige byder vi indenfor i en verden fra en svunden tid. Authentic Models har specialiseret sig i at lave (...)
Móveis Rudnick Móveis Rudnick
Móveis Rudnick S.A.
3.1.1 kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
Móveis Rudnick – Móveis de Qualidade A Rudnick inova mais uma vez e apresenta o seu o catálogo de produtos da coleção Seu Estilo com Estilo, através deste aplicativo que inclui (...)
SealaneFS SealaneFS
kostenlos 0 ×
0 Bewertungen
0 Bewertungen
SealaneFS brings the power of mobile order management conveniently and vibrantly into the hands of distributors and their customers. Distributors and their customers can now (...)
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