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Don't Move Me

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Don't Move Me App is intended to watch and protect your phone from being moved - either as a means of protection against unauthorized access to the phone and theft and also as a prank to scare your friends a bit.
When Don't Move Me detects that the phone has been moved - it will start vibrating and sound an alarm (built in car alarm or any chosen ringtone or notification from your phone).

Don't Move Me is a very light, easy, simple and enjoyable App that works as a service and even when the phone is in standby and the screen is off !!!

The Full version includes a widget for a one click activation and deactivation from your home screen and no Ads.

Very simple Activation and Deactivation :
To start the Don't Move Me protection - just open the app and click on the green lock and you are done.
To unlock it - open the Don't Move Me App or just open the notification bar - click the App - then click the red lock and enter the unlock passwors.

Help And Settings
You can get the help screen and also set the settings at any time from the main App screen - using the Menu key on your device.
The settings that can be changed are :

*Sensitivity: Determines how sensitive the phone will be to movement.

*Sound and Ringtones:The alarm can be the default built in car alarm or you can also choose from your ringtones and notification sounds from your own phone.

*Unlock Password: You can set the Unlock Password in the settings menu - defauly password is 12345

*Keep Screen Alive: On some devices (usually older), when the phone goes to sleep and the screen is off - the App will need the "Keep Screen Alive" option so it can detect movement when it is in Standby.

Seo: phone lock, lock, unlock, phone protection, phone protector, movement alarm, theft alarm, phone security, antitheft, anti theft


Don't Move Me
Don't Move Me
Don't Move Me
Don't Move Me
Don't Move Me
Don't Move Me
Don't Move Me
Don't Move Me

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