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Frozen Death

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2.1 oder höher
100.000 - 500.000

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Imagine the coldest night in history. You and your friends have jumped the park fence to play ice hockey on the ice rink. A full moon shines between the snowflakes while playing your favourite sport.
But at midnight, with the strokes of a far clock, you discover that nothing is as it seems; your friend’s mask is covered with blood and the puck has become a circular saw blade. You wonder if you are dreaming, but sometimes reality is worse than your most feared nightmares...

Frozen Death is an addictive arcade game where your reflexes play an important role. You must fight the monster behind the mask and for that you must launch the circular saw with the utmost speed to hurt. But all is not so simple, because the mask can cover behind destructible blocks (arkanoid style) and black holes can be used (which function as Valve portals Valve) and red holes (trying to attack you). There are also green and yellow blocks with special features that you can use to your advantage if you play correctly, or they can play against you if you are not smart.

Furthermore, Frozen Death contains within it a story worthy of Hollywood film, which will accompany Madworth in his attempt to survive mysterious powers. You'll travel through inhospitable places, for cemeteries, for a world of death, and you'll face mask, a destination full of danger and death, and a damn tough to beat.
And he discovers his final ... will not disappoint.

Dark as Dead space, hard as predators, challenging as blood & glory and emotive as r-type. Try it. It's free.


Frozen Death
Frozen Death
Frozen Death
Frozen Death
Frozen Death
Frozen Death
Frozen Death
Frozen Death

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