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SanCalc Adv

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Storage tools - Developed to assist the Storage Administrator / Architect.

Sancalc Adv includes 4 separate calculator tools:-

1) An enhanced version of standard Sancalc which calculates the actual disk IO's per second load when using Raid-5 and Raid-10 disk groups and your selectable Disk Read/Write % ratio.

2) A Tiered storage calculator. Vary the capacity of T0, T1 and T2 disk space in the pool to determine IOPS and capacity in a tiered storage array.

3) A tool to allow you to build up the total disk capacity and IOPS for a number of servers. (ideal for new site or hardware refresh planning)

4) A simple tool to estimate the usable capacity of a number of disks.

The tools use customized array information from your own sites, such as array specific Cache Read and Write hit data, allowing you to more accurately calculate values. (You can save different profiles for high end, mid-tier and low end disk arrays)

# Calculate values by Disk Array(s) type:
Read/Write cache hit
Cache size
Raid Group size
# Add new Disk Drive types
# Raid calculation (Raid5 + Raid10)

There is a built in tutorial on how to use SanCalc Adv: Select About, then Tutorial.

All sales from this product are to be used to help fund my son through college.
Please feedback on any new features you would like to see in the product.

optimised to run on 7" and 10" tablets in landscape, phones in portrait. Tested on Motorola Xoom 10" Tablet + Various HTC Phones.

nb: your device will report that the app needs "Network access" during installation, this is not the case: - I use a Webview on one of the screens which displays a localy generated HTML page. (Android interprets this as Network access.)

Thanks for looking.

Keywords: IOPS Array SAN HDS EMC Netapp IBM HP Controller 3Par XiV MSA EVA AMS2300 VSP USP-V P9500 V7000 VNX DS8800 P4000 V7000 RAID5 RAID10 RAID Storage Tiered Disk


SanCalc Adv
SanCalc Adv
SanCalc Adv
SanCalc Adv
SanCalc Adv
SanCalc Adv
SanCalc Adv
SanCalc Adv

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