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RuneScape GE & Widget

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1.6 oder höher
1.000 - 5.000
USD 1,49

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The best RuneScape merchanting and Grand Exchange monitoring app on the Android market!

- Always up to date - data is downloaded when you view it! (to preserve data usage, images are only downloaded once and stored offline)
- Widget shows your current GE offers; tap the widget to see full detail, just like the RuneScape Bar or the in-game Grand Exchange offers view!
- Search for an item or view the top rising and falling price items!
- Add items to the Watchlist to get a notification as soon as their price changes!
- View any item's image, price, % changes and GRAPHS!
- View the list of most traded items to help figure out what you should be buying and selling

== TIPS ==
- In the main screen of the app, hit your MENU key for some settings and preferences.
- For better BATTERY LIFE, decrease the refresh rate to only check the GE every hour or more; but your widget will update less often and the price notifications can be delayed up to that amount of time. To change the refresh rate, hit the MENU key and tap "Refresh Rate".
- Add the widget to your homescreen just as you add any other widget (touch and hold your home screen). Once logged in, touch the widget to view details of your current GE offers.

== "Please enable the app to SD feature!" ==
Due to the background service which regularly checks the Grand Exchange for prices and updates your widget (if you use it), the app needs to be on internal storage; otherwise that service would die when you eject your SD card.

All purchases are handled by Google Checkout. If you have purchase problems, please contact your credit card company, try another card, or email Google Checkout support. Please note that app ratings are meant to rate your experience with the app, not your Google Checkout experience.

Please email me if you have problems! Scroll down for the email button, or just send to ricky@insertnamehere.org

I understand that you may have concerns or hesitations with Google Checkout, the Android Market, the quality of my apps, your child's use of my apps, or even his/her addiction to the game of RuneScape. I am happy to help and answer any questions you have or link you to the proper resources to answer your questions. Please send me an email at ricky@insertnamehere.org.

DO NOT purchase this app without permission from your parents and the owner of the phone and Google Account you are purchasing it on.

RuneScape & these images are trademarks of Jagex Ltd. I am NOT affiliated with them in any way! I am not a Jagex staff member, I'm not even a player mod, I'm just a fan like you. Do not contact me with issues regarding the game of RuneScape.


RuneScape GE & Widget
RuneScape GE & Widget
RuneScape GE & Widget
RuneScape GE & Widget
RuneScape GE & Widget
RuneScape GE & Widget
RuneScape GE & Widget

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