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Greedy Pigs FULL

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1.5 oder höher
5.000 - 10.000
USD 1,62

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This time the birds are not angry but the pigs are greedy! Greedy Pigs happily presents to you its hilarious, unique, and brand-new Tower Defense Game design and gameplay. Keep your grey cells pumping and experience the fun of RPG-style abilities, skills, and level up mixed with brain twisting RTS!
The Dwarves, one of the most honest and earthly amongst all magical beings, were given the special task to protect the Magical Booze Barrel.
Immerse in the green forest of the Dwarves to help them defend their precious Booze Barrel from a gang of alcoholic monsters, the Pigzillas and their Zilla Buddies. Do not let them paralyze you by their super cuteness, they will rob you blind!
The fate of the Magical World lies in your hands. Will you let the monsters drink the forest’s booze? Or will you keep it safe?
Fight as three drunk but determined dwarfs: the strongman, the gunslinger, and the wizard. Combine magic with brute force to keep the deranged pigs from the holy, golden booze.
Gear yourself up, put on your combat boots, and sharpen your sword, the battle to booze is on!!!

1. Choose from 3 different kind of professions each with its own unique abilities, merit and attack style :
- Dwarf Warrior
- Dwarf Hunter
- Dwarf Magician
2. Now your Dwarf can be upgraded, twice! And witness their transformation into more powerful, handsome looking Dwarves!
Upgrade into:
- Master Dwarf
- Hero Dwarf
3. Two modes!
Story Mode and Survival Mode
4. Dozens of maps each with different gameplays that might surprise you still!
5. Varieties of cute monsters that you would want to keep as pets!
6. RPG style abilities, skills and level up mixed with RTS brain twist to keep your grey cells pumping!

Tips for the new levels:
- Venture into the darkness of The Black Forest night, lit fires and illuminate monsters to attack and defend what’s yours!
- Lighting fires are not free, so spend your coins wisely!
- The Boogey Swampland is congested with Feet Fetish Bogs that are willing to let you go but not your feet, it’s time to unleash your tactician skills!
- The Treasure Chests Monsters are yummy to kill because they’ll drop 3 different kinds of power-ups randomly! Killing them is a must!


Greedy Pigs FULL
Greedy Pigs FULL
Greedy Pigs FULL
Greedy Pigs FULL
Greedy Pigs FULL
Greedy Pigs FULL
Greedy Pigs FULL
Greedy Pigs FULL



„Greedy Pigs“ heißt übersetzt so viel wie „gierige Schweine“. Da will doch jemand an den großen Erfolg von „Angry Birds“ anknüpfen und (...) » Mehr...


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Neueste Community-Kommentare

  • Lars B., 17.10.2011

    Leider gibt es die Neuste Version scheinbar nicht im AndroidPit Mark...

  • Klaus Meyer, 12.08.2011

    auf dem xoom nicht spielbar, da der Bildschirm verschoben ist. Schade

  • Andreas Knaup, 10.08.2011

    Sorry, aber da gibt es bessere Spiel und auch günstiger, die Steuerung der "Tower" haben Sie wohl von Guns'n' Glory abgekupfert.

  • Frank Nickel, 09.08.2011

    Netter Zeitvertreib aber leider ist der Bildschirm beim Acer Iconia etwas verschoben wegen den Softbuttons.

  • Nadir, 08.08.2011

    och, ganz lustig. fuer den preis ok

  • Jeff Sky, 08.08.2011

    super coole spiel, mag ich sehr.

  • Christian, 08.08.2011

    Schrott kein deutsch

  • Ken, 14.06.2011


  • Ken, 13.06.2011

    I love this new Tower Defense Game!!
    Especially because in Greedy Pigs, the towers can be moved across the map, makes it a completely new experience!!!
    5 stars for Greedy Pigs!!