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Wireless Chief Key

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2.1 oder höher
100 - 500
USD 1,05

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This is the unlock key for Wireless Chief. It does nothing on its own and can be removed through the application management interface.

Wireless Chief is an application designed to control the wifi and data radios in your device, as well as many related functions like background data and autosync.

It can be used to save power or minimize data usage, and works either by reading the screen state or on a completely custom schedule.

This version of the app will give you full access to the Screen state-based profiles. Scheduled and Battery state profiles can be unlocked by purchasing the Key.

All data and sync options require root access. There is no other way to manipulate the radios.


- Turn features on or off depending on screen state
- Disable wifi if no known network is available
- Change wifi scan intervals and scan attempts to save juice
- Schedule autosync and background data
- Force autosync on wifi only
- Manage radios according to battery level
- Disable push entirely

If you have issues or suggestions, please use the "Write to us" dialog.

Please be aware, this is app is all about those all important radios and will never have CPU stepping or any other nonsense not pertinent to wireless control.

Its still a great alternative to applications like Juice Defender and Battery Saver.

What it will have is the most comprehensive radio suite possible, because in our experience all the real power and hassle savings are there.


Wireless Chief Key
Wireless Chief Key
Wireless Chief Key
Wireless Chief Key

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