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Dune HD RC

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2.3 oder höher
10.000 - 50.000

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Original application from Dune HD GmbH allowing to control your Dune HD media players and set-top-boxes.

- Fully replaces the standard IR remote control.
- Convenient buttons layout.
- Innovative touch pad, mouse pad and gyroscope controls.
- Uses Wi-Fi to connect to the local network.
- Automatically searches for Dune HD devices in the local network.
- Allows controlling multiple Dune HD devices and easily switching between them.
- Enter text into Dune HD device using native keyboard on your mobile device.
- Browse and remotely launch playback of media content stored on Dune HD device.
- Share media (videos, photos, music) stored on your mobile device to Dune HD device
- View and manage Favorites folder


- Any modern model of Dune HD device (with IP control support; supported models include: Dune HD Base/Prime 3.0, Dune HD Smart D1/B1/H1, Dune HD Max, Dune HD Duo, Dune HD Lite 53D, Dune HD TV-101, Dune HD TV-301, Dune HD TV-102, Dune HD TV-303D, Dune HD Connect, or newer models).
- Dune HD device should have an up-to-date firmware version (with IP control support; supported versions are 110127_2105_beta or newer).
- Dune HD device should be connected to the same local network as your mobile device.

- Content browsing, media sharing, favorites, playlists and mouse functionality requires to install specific firmware versions/apps on Dune HD device. See here for more details: http://dune-hd.com/firmware/mobile_apps

What's new:
Dune HD RC application is now able to fully replace USB mouse connected to Dune HD box. Users can choose between well-known mouse pad or innovative gyroscope mouse controls.


Dune HD RC
Dune HD RC
Dune HD RC
Dune HD RC
Dune HD RC

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