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LauncherPro+ M22-3D Icons Pack

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2.2 oder höher
500.000 - 1.000.000

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PLEASE READ BEFORE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

M22-3D icons theme for >> LauncherPro 0.8.6 <<

+500 icons in an Icon Pack for use with LauncherPro/Launcher Pro Plus.

after installing: go to preferences -> Theme settings -> Icon Pack -> choose M22-3D Icons Pack and restart Launcher pro.

Icons Based on

- Aelous HD
- Michezo HD
- Edius HD
- Upojenie HD
- Zorsha HD (Template)
- Me (marc22)

If you have any requests, send me a mail with the name of the app and the activity name (thanks).

Here's how to name your icon files so that LauncherPro can use them:

1. Find the full activity name for the app. You could use LauncherPro's "Activities" shortcut list to get these names. Go to your home screen, press Menu > Add > Shortcuts > Activities. Expand the desired app and look for the activity with the label that appears in your app drawer. The full activity name will appear below the label (for example: com.android.browser.BrowserActivity)

2. Change the dots to underscores, and make it all lower-case. For example, "com.android.browser.BrowserActivity" would turn into "com_android_browser_browseractivity".

3. Now use that name for your icon file, for example com_android_browser_browseractivity.png

sorry for angry bird but for 3 games seasons,rio,bird is the same activities so it's the same icon in drawer ( it's not my fault ).


I will take a short break,there will have no update for some days.

there is a problem with launcherPro, if i add other icons launcherpro bug with some device (me no problem).



LauncherPro+ M22-3D Icons Pack
LauncherPro+ M22-3D Icons Pack

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