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HardHit Trainer

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HardHit Trainer is a universal stopwatch and training assistant for box, martial arts, tae boo and similar sports.

Besides working as a specialized stopwatch allowing you to setup number of rounds, duration of each round, rest periods, etc. HardHit Trainer offers one more unique capability. When attached to the punching bag it can also provide you with training statistics. It utilizes your mobile phone's G sensors to monitor intensity of your training including counting punches, strength and intensity of punching and display this information in a meaningful manner as training statistics.

In order to utilize this feature one should carefully attach mobile phone with HardHit trainer software to the punching bag. You should pay attention and attach it to unused part of the punching bag to avoid hitting the phone We suggest that you use neoprene or similar case for you mobile phone securely attached with multiple Velcro or self adhesive tapes onto punching bag and to insert mobile phone into it prior to training session.

In order to get accurate statistics you should always use the phone attached to the same place on the punching bag and use it by yourself as the software automatically creates your personal training profile.


HardHit Trainer
HardHit Trainer
HardHit Trainer
HardHit Trainer

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