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Task Identifier Full

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2.1 oder höher
500 - 1.000
USD 1,01

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***Why TI Full over TI Lite?***
-For only $0.99US you get the power to really take control!
1) Easily Uninstall apps
2) Menu->Rooted Options gives advanced users a tool to
easily backup, remove and restore system applications!
When a system app is removed, it is backed up to your
sdcard for restore ability.
3) A whole Settings menu to change options such as poll
time, Auto-Start in background, notification location
and transparency, make TI your own! Also allows you to
display green alerts!
4) Setup Alerts lets you see all apps installed on your
phone and allows you to customize application levels,
even allowing you to see Green Alerts!

TI Full is the best app out there to take FULL control of your phone!!!

Task Identifier gives us insight into what our apps are doing when we aren't using them. You'd be amazed... Make a phone call and see which apps open, you'd be shocked... With TI, finally comes an app which looks at the permissions all applications have an assigns them a color level based on how many permissions that app has. Then let it run and go. You'll see when and what triggers apps helping you make better, more secure decisions with your apps and phone. You could also save battery life. Rooted users (see disclaimer below) can use TI to attempt to remove a system application as well, or for all users, uninstall downloaded apps directly from TI!!! Want to give it a try before you buy? TI Lite is a free scaled down version, give it a shot!

The Rooted Options Menu Requires root access.
Are you sure you want to remove this system app? If you don't know what you are doing, this can seriously harm your phones functionality or even brick it! Nandroid backup is highly recommended before performing these operations. Do NOT remove any apps with Android or your phones manufacturer in the title. Task Identifier takes ZERO responsibility for your actions or for loss of functionality on your phone by removing system apps. We will not recommend apps to be removed. Please use the Google button to research the app more before removing. Removed apps are attempted to be moved to your SDCard for future restore but no guarantee of this copy is given. Use this option at your own risk.


Task Identifier Full
Task Identifier Full
Task Identifier Full
Task Identifier Full
Task Identifier Full

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