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TSR (Toefl Speaking Recorder)

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Good news for TOEFLERS, especially for those preparing TOEFL speaking section. Everyone might agree with the saying, “practice makes perfection.” If you want to score better on TOEFL, practice has to be made efficiently. Unfortunately, there is no specific recording application for TOEFL SPEAKING. So, it is a great news that “TSR” has been released for those who were waiting for specialized recorder for TOEFL SPEAKING. Now, the best recorder for TOEFL SPEAKING is available in Android market.

1. Don’t be bothered during your recording!
Only a single touch can let you record your answer without another touch when you stop recording. You can select the type of task from 1 to 6 which may be seen in TOEFL speaking part. Each of the tasks has their specific time settings. For example, task 1, 2 have 45 seconds of answering time and task 3, 4, 5, 6 have 1 minute of answering time. Once you push the recording button, recording will start and end at the designated time for the task. Also you will hear the voice “begin speaking after the beep” which you will hear during the actual test. It will help you to adjust your practice environment to the actual test circumstances.

2. Feedback efficiently!
When you play recordings in your file lists to have feedback, it is easier for you to listen and re-hear your files. It will automatically turn to the next file as it finishes playing. It means that you don’t need to have annoying feedbacks as it has to be touched to play another file.

3. Manage your time, manage your answer.
You can set the “word indicator” which makes your answers more organized. ETS demands you to answer the task in an organized manner. To answer in a proper way, “word indicator” can be used. You can easily separate the answering time to have strategy for better answers. For example, if you want to speak about the “main idea” (it will appear on your time bar as “M.I”.) until 15 seconds, and 15 seconds for “Reason” (it will appear on your time bar as “R”) and the last 15 seconds for “Detail” (it will appear on your time bar as “D”), you can go to setting page to set your answer patterns. Then, “time indicator will be appeared in your time bar so that you can have visual input while answering tasks. It will remind you to manage your time. When it gets close to the test date, you can hide the time bar to make the environment seem like the actual test.

4. Share your answers with your friends and teachers.
It is important to share your responses with your friends or teachers. Because they might find your problems in your answers that you might have not recognized. You can send files through email to your friends or teachers and find out the problems you have during your response.

TSR is your best choice!


TSR (Toefl Speaking Recorder)
TSR (Toefl Speaking Recorder)
TSR (Toefl Speaking Recorder)
TSR (Toefl Speaking Recorder)
TSR (Toefl Speaking Recorder)
TSR (Toefl Speaking Recorder)
TSR (Toefl Speaking Recorder)

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