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Original Flurry Live Wallpaper

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2.2 oder höher
10.000 - 50.000
USD 1,04

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Often duplicated, replicated, and imitated, this is the one, the only, the Original Flurry live wallpaper for android. Gorgeous mac osx style flurry live wallpaper natively rendered on your phone, no videos here! Live wallpaper has an extensive range of settings to finely tune the look and feel:

* Multiple Flurry - Want more than 1 flurry? Now you can have up to 5 flurrys up on the screen, each with their own custom color!

* Background - Select any image from your gallery as a background behind flurry.

* Color - Select a color from a wide range of presets or choose your own custom color.

* Stream Count - One or more particle streams per flurry.

* Star Speed - Want flurry to dance a jig or move through tar, either way we have you covered with the speed controls.

* Particle Speed - Speed of particles traveling, makes sense right?

* Brightness - On stage or off, you can control the brightness or dimness of flurry to match your device for that perfect look.

* Thickness - Some people like it thick, some thin, we try to satisfy all needs.

* Touch Event - Want to interact with flurry? Poke anywhere on the screen and flurry will go there and obey your command. Tap again to have flurry resume rendering, we even give you a setting to resume automatically if you want :).

* Swipe Event - Throw flurry for a loop by swiping back and forth from screen to screen as gusts of wind hit flurry from all directions.

Phone Status:
We want our customers to have the best experience possible and are actively maintaining the opengl compatibility of flurry with new phones as they are released :

* We are looking into issues reported on the Tegra 3 platform and hope to have a fix asap. Thanks for your patience!

To Open A Live Wallpaper:
One of the most difficult issues in the marketplace ;). Go to your HOME screen and press settings->wallpaper->live wallpapers. If you have an issue opening up the wallpaper contact support@popboxstudio.com and we'll walk you through it.

If you have any problems at all dont hesitate to e-mail us at support@popboxstudio.com. To learn more about flurry check out the product page at http://popboxstudio.com/wp/products/flurry/ and browse our forum at http://popboxstudio.com/wp/support/.


Original Flurry Live Wallpaper
Original Flurry Live Wallpaper
Original Flurry Live Wallpaper
Original Flurry Live Wallpaper


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