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AirspaceAvoid for Pilots

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2.1 oder höher
500 - 1.000
USD 17,57

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AirspaceAVOID provides insurance against an airspace infringement, and it's the cheapest aviation insurance you're ever likely to find. AirspaceAVOID knows your position, altitude, speed and heading, and it knows where all the controlled, prohibited and restricted airspace is located in your vicinity.

If you get within 2 minutes of potentially losing your licence, AirspaceAVOID will alert you by sight and sound, giving you the opportunity to change track and avoid that embarrassing radio call that no pilot wants to hear.

If you're not entirely confident of your chart notations of amendments made between re-printings, AirspaceAVOID is for you.

Other apps show airspaces and might have airspace warning, but are their airspaces reliable for your region? Check the fine print - many are not!

AirspaceAVOID airspace is fully maintained by the PocketFMS Foundation. We pride ourselves in maintaining all airspace throughout our supported regions (USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) complete and fully up to date, with periodic updates which coincide with the AIP airspace amendment cycle, available for purchase at a reasonable price. We can vouch for the timeliness and quality of our data.

AirspaceAVOID will not let you down in the cockpit.

To further help you not stray off track, AirspaceAVOID provides easy and simple Direct To GPS navigation & import of multi-leg flightplans created in PocketFMS - keep the plane as close to the GPS track line on the moving map while avoiding the places you shouldn't go, and you'll arrive in the shortest time with the least stress.

That's what AirspaceAVOID offers - it takes care of the most important tasks with a minimum of fuss. It uses quality data and is reliable, simple, easy to use, and at the most affordable price possible.

AirspaceAVOID provides a radar-like Moving Map display of your location, airports and airspace boundaries against a stark black background for maximum focus on the most important aspects of VFR navigation using GPS. If you prefer, current aviation charts and approach plates like country ICAO/CAA VFR or DFS produced Visual 500 may be purchased as backgrounds for selected regions. Also, beautifully clear and detailed, continent-wide PocketFMS basemaps are available for all our supported regions.

AirspaceAvoid requires minimum Android 2.2.

Known issues:
- Sometimes the app doesn't start on first attempt; starting the app a second time then always works.


AirspaceAvoid for Pilots
AirspaceAvoid for Pilots
AirspaceAvoid for Pilots
AirspaceAvoid for Pilots
AirspaceAvoid for Pilots
AirspaceAvoid for Pilots
AirspaceAvoid for Pilots
AirspaceAvoid for Pilots
AirspaceAvoid for Pilots
AirspaceAvoid for Pilots
AirspaceAvoid for Pilots
AirspaceAvoid for Pilots


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