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Ever wondered how much percentage has your battery lost since your last charge and what the usage is with one touch? Or how good the battery life is and what type of battery you have installed on your device? Don't want to unlock the phone just to do so? Want your phone to alarm you when the battery has reached a specific level beyond the default android settings? We have the perfect app for you!

Features at a glance:

✔ Different status bar icons showing you all the information you need (type of battery, battery health, charge percentage, current state (charging or discharging), time since last charge/discharge, the percentage when you started the charge/discharge process etc.
✔ Get notified if your battery life is getting low.
✔ Enhanced Mode (turn this ON for different styled icons. New icons are being designed, 3 default types at the moment: low, medium and high, different high icons at above 75, 55 and 30%). Disable for normal status icon (just white)
✔ Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion.
✔ Autostart after shutdown
✔ By clicking on the notification info the battery usage stats setting opens - there you can view which apps have been eating up your battery lately. A very convenient method, directly from the status bar - no Widgets required.

Contact us through the form inside the app if you have any suggestions or questions since we plan on updating the app with more features.

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App Icon provided by Alessandro Rei


Battery Percentage Icon
Battery Percentage Icon
Battery Percentage Icon
Battery Percentage Icon
Battery Percentage Icon
Battery Percentage Icon

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