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Toddlers Can Read PRO

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RECORD your own VOICE and TAKE your own PHOTOS for each WORD/PHRASE you want your kids to learn!

NO ADS! Means no accidental clicking of any ads by your kids... Create your own FLASH CARDS!

Toddlers Can Read Sight Words PRO brings fun to reading! Toddlers Can Read mobile provides a platform for parents, day care providers, or teachers to help toddlers learn how to read. It allows parents or mentors to get engaged with toddlers in learning how to read. Other apps comes with pre-configured words and images. How about if we let the parents chose the words and let them take a picture themselves. You can even record your own audio for each word for a more personalized approach instead of those robots reading the text. This ToddlersCanRead app give you that ability now!

PRO version gives you 10 levels and 50 words per level. FREE/LITE version only allows 2 levels and 20 words.

Imagine learning the word 'dog' but the picture he/she sees is your own dog? Take your toddler in the park and let him take pictures of leaves, frogs, ducks, etc. and you add those to this app together with the words and let them go through it on your way home.

This app will get your kids enjoy reading as they will be the one taking pictures of those words they are learning! Can you ask your toddler to just read words? Probably not but ask them to take a picture for every word and see what happens.

Toddlers can easily recognize images, if we can only let them associate a word to those images then they can easily understand what those words are when they come across with them again.

ToddlersCanRead will empower parents to bring fun into reading!


Toddlers Can Read PRO
Toddlers Can Read PRO
Toddlers Can Read PRO
Toddlers Can Read PRO
Toddlers Can Read PRO
Toddlers Can Read PRO
Toddlers Can Read PRO

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