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Hello Vino - Wine Assistant

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2.3.3 oder höher
100.000 - 500.000

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Rated best app for wine shoppers by NY Times, NPR, Mashable - Hello Vino is your personal wine assistant providing wine recommendations for meals, occasions, holidays, and also based on your taste preferences. NO SNOBS ALLOWED!

"This app is incredible. Even the newest wine drinkers should feel at ease..." - Mashable

"Hello Vino can help almost anyone navigate a wine list." - NY Times

"If you want to impress your date, pull up Hello Vino to make it look like you know whether to order a Zinfandel or a Malbec." - NPR Morning Edition

IF YOU LOVE WINE, but you don't know much about all the fancy grapes, regions, vintages or other wine geek-speak, this app is for you.

RECOMMENDATIONS - This app is made for the 99% of wine shoppers who need a little help in the wine aisle. Simply tell the app what you're eating, or provide some general taste preferences, and Hello Vino will recommend the perfect bottle for every occasion.

WINE LABEL SCANNER - Ever purchased a wine based on how the label looks? Now you actually have a good excuse! Snap a pic of the wine label and Hello Vino will give you all the goods (tasting notes, ratings, food pairings, etc.) and you can even order more of that delicious vino through the app.

NEVER FORGET A WINE - This app has a photographic memory. Simply snap a pic and take a quick note to remember all of your wine purchases, while rating and sharing your favorite bottles.

WINE SEARCH ENGINE - Powered by wine-searcher.com, the industry's largest and most reliable wine search engine, the database includes more than 6 million wines.

INSIDER WINE DEALS - Every week, our experts will update the app with the best wine deals available online. We also have promo codes for 1-cent shipping and even wine gift cards & vouchers (while they last)!

WINE REVIEWS FOR "NORMAL" PEOPLE - Now you can get wine podcast celebrity (and Certified Sommelier) Elizabeth Schneider's audio wine reviews that include wines you can actually find in your local store. Take a listen to her reviews that cut out the snobbery and explain wine in a "normal" way.

FOOD PAIRINGS - Whether it's pepperoni pizza, filet mignon, or even mac & cheese, Hello Vino has the largest food and wine pairing database in all the App Store. You gotta eat, right? May as well have the best wine to match the dish.

GIFT IDEAS - Need to bring a killer bottle of wine to your next festivus? Hello Vino has you covered with wine recommendations for every occasion (date night, holidays, dinner with the boss, etc.).

Questions or Issues? Please email: hello@hellovino.com

With thousands of wine recommendations, pairings, and gift choices, Hello Vino is the most comprehensive wine app available. The free app provides specific wine brand recommendations with tasting notes, ratings, and label photos, and lets you keep track of your shopping list or even purchase wines through the app.

Keywords: wine, wines, vino, hello, hellovino, food, food and wine, wine pairing, suggestions, recommendations, dining, restaurant, dinner, shopping, store, search, bottle, cellar, bar, drinks, wine tasting, wine help

Please send feedback and support issues to hello@hellovino.com for a quick response.


Hello Vino - Wine Assistant
Hello Vino - Wine Assistant
Hello Vino - Wine Assistant
Hello Vino - Wine Assistant
Hello Vino - Wine Assistant
Hello Vino - Wine Assistant
Hello Vino - Wine Assistant
Hello Vino - Wine Assistant
Hello Vino - Wine Assistant
Hello Vino - Wine Assistant
Hello Vino - Wine Assistant
Hello Vino - Wine Assistant
Hello Vino - Wine Assistant
Hello Vino - Wine Assistant


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