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Use your Android as a simple mobile webcam, gsm camera or cloudcam via WIFI or Mobile Network!

The picture stored in the cloud can be watched from everywhere with a browser or for example my App WebLiveWallpaper. Upload picture with various methods like http, ftp or Dropbox, send it with email or store on your sdcard for example to create a timelapse video.

Use as simple but mobile timed webcam with refresh rates from seconds to hours, with motion detection or your defined daily activity times. High resolution pictures are also possible. Mark the pictures with text or image to advertise for your place or business.

Very easy to use with opensmartcam.com or SENSR.NET.

This app provides me with a simple possibility to mail someone (my wife) and start refreshing a webcam view of what I see with one buttontap. Also it can work as a more static webcam with set activity times and picture imprint if you got a spare or partially broken phone you want to place somewhere connected to power running all the time ...

Easiest usage without much setup hassle is with opensmartcam or sensr. Then you do not even need your own homepage/server!

In the app press the MENU phone button for settings!

Http setup for your own server:
To enable your personal webcam put the included (see http settings in app or support forum thread) two files on your server.

Your personal webcam is then viewable at

Server address to be entered in Settings of App is

You also have to enable the server to write to this directory - chmod!

And you should really enable password protection for your website if you do not enhance the php page with some security measures (filesize limit, only jpg allowed, ...). Otherwise everyone can access your camera pictures and possibly even your server!

This webcam app is a bit different. It does not stream video. It is not meant to be placed next to or connected to your Computer. It will not have nice camera preview, fx or settings because old/broken androids can be used. This camera is intended to run without user (interaction) after initial setup possibly with a cheap 2G mobile data plan (in some countries/carriers for example 30 MB of data are free and that is enough to upload several pictures a day!).

For unstable devices autostart and reboot after a number of taken pictures (my cheap jpad tablet for example crashes after about 70 pictures in a row) can be enabled in the settings.

Go here to find some support:

Android 1.5 up for old cheap hardware usage.

Open Source: http://code.google.com/p/mobilewebcam-android/


Update history (important updates):

+ night mode
+ removable sd can be used
+ gps altitude, Galaxy Camera zoom fix
+ imprint web picture
+ cam delay
+ night settings
+ trigger burst mode and event notifications
+ log, backup
+ webinterface, fullscreen
+ custom font
+ large original picture upload
+ remote control
+ flashlight
+ custom picture size
+ motion detection settings
+ gps exif
+ mjpeg picture streaming
+ color editing
+ Android 1.5 and 1.6
+ gps location info for moving cams possible now
+ integrated webserver (simple, first version, WIFI only)
+ hex color input
+ control Intents (com.dngames.mobilewebcam.START, STOP)
+ night image detect, quality setting
+ white balance
+ timelapse video
+ zoom, frontcam
+ Background mode, Battery/Temp info
+ SMS remote control
+ experimental shutter sound mute
+ autostart and reboot settings
+ email pictures (no user interaction!)
+ store pictures on sd
+ motion detection fix
+ print PNG from sdcard over picture for nice effect, advertisement or marking
+ refresh rates throttle down until uploads finished




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  • joe joe, 19.03.2013

    Fotos sind bei Tageslicht überbelichtet.dabei läuft app. ständig mit egal ob (background/standby), und macht alle 30 min. ein Foto. offensichtlich jedoch wird die Aufnahme schneller gemacht, als dass die im Smartphone eingebaute cam eine ordentliche Belichtungsmessung vornnehmen kann. Im Modus "ständig an" - werden die Bilder jedoch stets richtig belichtet. Es sollte zwischen "aufwachen" und dem tatsächlichen auslösen eine längere Verzögerung sein, damit die cam die belichtung messen kann.leider verbraucht der "ständig an" modus enorm acci. HTC Desire S und Star A5000.Ansonsten Funktionen vielfältig und ok - leider nicht wirklich brauchbar wegen obigem "Fehler". Schade

  • saskia kreativbox, 14.06.2012

    folio100, toshiba funktioniert cam super. leider komme ich nicht in die einstellungen. wird unerwartet beendet. ich warte, vielleicht wird weiter entwickelt. auch livewallpaper ist super. im moment beobachte ich einen baer beim schlafen.... is was fuer maedchen.

  • erich b., 16.12.2011

    gutes app. kann ich nur weiter empfehlen