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By the Methods

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By the Methods is a suite of software tools and utilities for performing procedures that conform to the US EPA stationary source testing and monitoring methods with unmatched precision. It features universal tools for both input and results, allowing for English, metric, or any combination of the two systems. The tools also support standard conditions defined by NIST, IUPAC, and GOST.

All data is easily viewable on a single, scrollable display, and saved to your SDCARD as date and time stamped Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for later use and verification. Each tool and utility checks requirements set forth in the US EPA Methods, alerts users when data is incorrect, and highlights the section, table or figure used for easy look up and verification. This is the best method available for your calculations, and it’s always with you – right in your pocket!

By the Methods currently performs:
US EPA Method 1: Section 11.2 (Determination of Minimum Traverse Points)
US EPA Method 2: Section 12.0 (Determination of Stack Gas Velocity and Volumetric Flow Rate)
US EPA Method 4: Section 11.1 (Moisture Determination - Reference Method)
US EPA Method 4: Section 11.2 (Moisture Determination - Approximation Method)
US EPA Method 5: Section 12.11.1 (Isokinetic Variation from Raw Data)
US EPA Method 5: Section 12.11.2 (Isokinetic Variation from Intermediate Values)
US EPA Method 5: Section 16.2.3 (Critical Orifices as Calibration Standards) procedures)
US EPA Method 30B: Section 12.0 (Calculations and Data Analysis)
US EPA Utility - deltaP or Velocity Determination
US EPA Utility - Determination of Ideal Nozzle Size
US EPA Utility - Standardized Dry Gas Meter Volume Determination Utility


By the Methods
By the Methods
By the Methods
By the Methods
By the Methods
By the Methods
By the Methods
By the Methods

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