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Taekwondo Essence Audio Lite

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Taekwondo is a unique Korean martial art that expresses the essence of its country of origin. Taekwondo literally means "the way of the hand and foot," the sport relies mainly on kicks – stationary, spinning and jumping – using punches and body placement to set up its powerful kicks.

Training in Taekwondo will be great for everyone. The practice of traditional Taekwondo as it has always been for centuries to enhance the total health of the individual. Therefore, the mind, body and spirit. Discover the basics of Taekwondo in this app. It provides a simple and easy way for you to learn the fighting techniques.

Listen and watch our Taekwondo app to soak up everything you can. Click on the audio symbol to listen to the information while you learn and have a great time.

Select speed in the menu to change speed: normal, slow or fast. And adjust the volume up and down to change the volume level at any time.

Please not that this app does not encourage real life violent acts.

It includes lesson 1-3 only.
For full version, please download:

Audio function is built on the text-to-speech engine of your android phone, in case no audio comes out, please check your text-to-speech setting on your phone.

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Taekwondo Essence Audio Lite
Taekwondo Essence Audio Lite
Taekwondo Essence Audio Lite
Taekwondo Essence Audio Lite

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