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Going The Distance

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Going the Distance is a quick and convenient way to find the distance and direction to your favorite locations and estimate your travel time. If you have ever had the kids yelling "are we there yet?" from the back seat or worried if you would make it to a location on time or before running out of gas, this app is for you! Can also be used as a car locator to help you remember where you parked your car.

Use it in the car, biking, hiking or even walking. Also works great for charting distances on golf courses, marking that perfect hunting or fishing spot, or even Geocaching.

By having your favorite destinations already typed in, you'll find this app is allot faster and easier than having to constantly lookup locations on your devices map and also safer by eliminating the distraction of typing on your device while driving.

The Going the Distance App Features:

- Determine distance, direction, and estimated travel time to your favorite locations.

- Speedometer to show your current speed

- Compass to point you in the right direction

- One-touch access to quickly save and later locate the location of where you parked your car

- View Locations on a map

- Provides navigation to your destination

- Add a widget to your home screen for quick access to your most visited locations.

- Multiple ways to decide what locations appear on the main screen and widget and in what order they should appear in.

- Add locations using an Address, Latitude/Longitude Coordinates, or by simply pressing a button to use your current location.

- Display distances in miles or kilometers

- Web based help and contact information


Going The Distance
Going The Distance
Going The Distance
Going The Distance

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