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AndroSpectro Lite

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Create a visual image from the sounds around you.

Free Version Features:
* Multi-Touch Zoom/Pan * Display up to 3 minutes of continuous recording * Save as Image * Load previously saved Images * Change Spectrogram Colors * Easy Auto-Level / Max-level
Paid Version Features:
* Set Sampling Frequency/Window Size/Window Type * Show dB/Amplitude * Spectrogram smoothing * Export data to Matlab

What is a Spectrogram?
Every signal is a combination of unique frequencies, and can be disassembled into its frequency components. ("Frequency Spectrum")
A Spectrogram is a technique that is used in Audio Analysis (Spectral Analysis) to see the real-time behaviors of signals. It plots the frequency components of the signal over time.
The bar on the left shows the frequency (in [Hz]) and the color is the intensity of that frequency.

Why AndroSpectro?
For non-techies - AndroSpectro is the simplest spectrogram app available. Just press the "Play" button. Feel free to Zoom-in/Pan using multi-touch gestures. You can also easily set the Maximum level or press 'auto' for auto-leveling.

For techies - AndroSpectro gives you control over every parameter you can think of. Display up to 3 minutes of continuous recording history and save as an image for later viewing.

For mega-geeks - Export the raw Spectrogram data to Matlab for further analysis. Your phone becomes your handheld input device for advanced audio analysis. (We wish we had it as a student)
Goto http://androspectro.com/matlab for more info

Please give us feedback so we can improve the app!
The AndroSpectro team

PS: The application uses permissions to track anonymous usage statistics. These are used to track bugs and improve your experience.


AndroSpectro Lite
AndroSpectro Lite
AndroSpectro Lite
AndroSpectro Lite
AndroSpectro Lite

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