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Mahjong Madness

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1.5 oder höher
5.000 - 10.000
USD 1,01

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Highly addictive Mahjong solitaire game that runs in full screen so it is easier to see the Mahjong tiles.
This game is often referred to as Shanghai Mahjong (or Mahjongg) and can entertain for hours on end.

Anyone that is interested in playing Patience or Solitaire type games of any type will enjoy playing Mahjong.

There are 6 levels available at the start and many more can be unlocked in sections of 6 (Finish 3 out of 6 to unlock the next section) as you progress through Mahjong Madness.

It is possible to Save position mid-game by backing out of a level, you will have the option of starting this partly completed level the next time you start a Mahjong Madness level.

Various backgrounds are available and it is also possible to set your favourite as your permanent background (including selecting an image of your own from your device).

Higher resolution tiles for larger screen devices (such as the Nexus One & Motorola Droid etc.) making the Mahjong experience even better.

The game uses touch screen tile selection but tiles can be selected with the trackball (if there is one on your device).

End sequence for all those players who are skilled enough to complete all the available levels available on Mahjong Madness.

Good luck!


Mahjong Madness
Mahjong Madness
Mahjong Madness
Mahjong Madness

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