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Nudnik Calendar Reminders Key

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2.1 oder höher
5.000 - 10.000
USD 4,06

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Repeating reminders for Calendar events!

*** This is ONLY a key application that allows you to access all features. You need to download the Lite Version before. ***

*-*-*-*-* 50% OFF!!! *-*-*-*-

(Android 4.0 ICS support)

Repeating reminders for Calendar events AND a non-calendar reminder option! 2 applications in 1 download and NEW: a calendar summery widget!!
The only calendar reminders application that can remind you about events that you didn't manually set a reminder to!

Missed a meeting? Forgot an anniversary? Need a reminder to make a phone call? Learn from the past and use Nudnik so important events will never slip by you.
Many reminders’ backgrounds to choose from for free with the full version!

Try Nudnik with the Lite Version for free (which is available on the Market) to evaluate this app before you commit, and our support team will answer any question as soon as possible and will forward any suggestion to our developers in order to fit Nudnik for your needs.

In the technical aspects Nudnik is actually 2 apps in one!

First- it is a nag application for stock calendar events. It reads the calendar's events set by you and set a reminder-alarm for the events with reminder.

Second- it has the "Don't forget to" feature to set a custom reminder that will not appear on your Calendar.

You can personalize the alarms as well as the event dialog box which appears whenever you click on an event-reminder.

Nudnik was tested and works with Jorte, Business Calendar and other Google Calendar based calendar apps.

- A variety of backgrounds to choose from
- Easy and intuitive interface
- Battery efficient
-Personalized Custom Snooze - save your favourite snooze time
-Personalized Sound/Vibration(pattern)/Led notifications
-Snooze function
-Popup notification
-Increasing alarm!
-Turn on screen to catch attention
-Auto Unlock screen
-Slide to unlock screen
-Shake phone to stop/snooze the reminder
-Themes for the notifications' box
-Motorola Corp Calendar support
-Not notifying while calling
-Personalized interval for repeating alarm
-Recurrency limit (stop playing the alarm after xx minutes, so if you are not next to the phone, Nudnik won't use all of your battery and won't make your friends crazy).
-Override phone modes (notify you even when the phone is on silent)
-Notify all events - also ones without a reminder
* Keyword notification - notify events that contains a certain keyword.
* Upcoming event in the status bar.
* Snooze to a specific date and time!
* Snooze X minutes before event starts!!!
->-> New main screen, settings and help layouts
->-> Quiet hours - don't get bothered at night!
->-> Set the maximum number of repetitions Nudnik will notify you for a single reminder.
Some tips for Nudnik users:
** Uninstall the Lite version before installing the full version.
** If you encounter any problems, try to Uninstall and reinstall Nudnik. It usually solves most of the problems.
** Exclude Nudnik from task killers
** To have Nudnik automatically start after every restart of your phone, DO NOT INSTALL IT (or move it) ON YOUR SD CARD!
If you have encountered a bug or you just have a suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us through the e-mail address.
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Nudnik Calendar Reminders Key
Nudnik Calendar Reminders Key
Nudnik Calendar Reminders Key
Nudnik Calendar Reminders Key
Nudnik Calendar Reminders Key
Nudnik Calendar Reminders Key

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Neueste Community-Kommentare

  • Lisa S., 26.10.2011

    HTC Desire, Froyo 2.2 - Warum funktioniert die Full Version nicht ? Die Lite Version klappt doch auch. Ich bin echt sauer,habe endlich einen Reminder gefunden der mir gefällt (schönes Popup) und dann ist er nicht kompatibel mit meinem Gerät.
    Das sollte in der Beschreibung stehen, damit ich mir die Arbeit mit dem ausprobieren sparen kann.

  • Erich Dürig, 21.07.2011

    Seit der letzten Aktualisierung wird unter den Einstellungen beim scrollen der Bildschirm schwarz und somit unlesbar.....vor der Aktualisierung super App

  • Silvia B., 17.12.2010

    Super Apps super in Deutsch und es funktioniert super auf meinem Defy. Endlich ein Apps wo ich meine Kalendertermine nicht verpasse.